Thursday, June 30, 2022

Doll Collection Cycle 2022 - Number 20 Mademoiselle Annik Vandale

One of the reasons I always encourage readers to join the W Club is the purchase opportunities offered throughout the year.  This year members were given a lottery offering for a rarely seen NuFace character, Annik Vandale.   Since her introduction in 2011, Annik has only been offered in three other versions.  

For every fault Jessy Ayala has a designer, he has about 10 strengths.  That's why I often have a weakness for his NuFace girls.  I was thrilled to win the opportunity to purchase this version and was thrilled by the production doll.

Here is a full length of Mademoiselle Annik Vandale in the box.

And a closeup in the box.

This doll came with some pretty amazing accessories.  (Photo property of Integrity Toys)

I love this handbag!  The twisted jewelry watch is out of this world!  The ensemble consists of baggy pants and over-sized matching jacket.  There is a little light blue bustier.  Which brings us to ...  I guess sometimes you just need to rip the bandage off ... so ... here is an IT promo photo of Mademoiselle IT vs. the Mattel promo photo of Model of the Moment Marissa.   

They really could be sisters!   I actually still have this Marissa on an articulated body.  She is one of my favorite versions of Barbie.   The similarity cannot be denied.   Integrity's quality, though, easily surpasses the Mattel version.

So here is a photo of Mademoiselle Annik Vandale out of the box.

And another closeup.

Although I've owned previous versions of Annik and "The Awakening" still resides here, I quite prefer Mademoiselle.  I would even go so far as to write that Mademoiselle Annik Vandale is the best version of this mold yet.  I love her in this color.  She redresses beautifully.  

Here is something more "sweet and innocent" - Annik is wearing the blouse from Coated Glamour Elyse Jolie with a Mattel Silkstone skirt.

A little more "street" look - This is a Joe Tai halter and a pair of Hazelstreet Designs denim pedal pushers.

I have wanted the slacks from the American Horror Story: Coven Madison Montgomery doll for some time.  Someone recently sold them for $20, so I was able to add them to my collection for a great price.  This is a playline Barbie top.

Mademoiselle Annik Vandale fits right in with my very favorite NuFace dolls.  She has easily solidified her place in my collection as my very favorite version of this mold.  She is a dream to redress and has so much character.  I believe this doll will continue to grow in popularity as more collectors get the opportunity to redress and post photos.  She's Number 20 of 2022 added to my collection and a real "keeper"!


Rea said...

I passed on this doll, but I like her with her hair down. It complements her features better. Elyse, Thiago and her look good together a more cohesive collection than Poppy Malibu. The doll's screenings are great but the whole doll ensemble is a hard pass.

Janell H. said...

Love the redress!