Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Battling Redheads

One of my favorite dolls in my collection is Shirred Not Shaken Vanessa.  I believe she is very under-rated.  I'm really not sure why.  In my opinion, she has always reminded me of Ann Margaret.

When Exclusive Interview Dania came out, the red hair with the pulled back bangs reminded me of Vanessa.  I resisted this doll, but I saw some incredible photos.  She went on sale for 25% off and found her way to my house.  Then Dress Code Vanessa, new mold/old name, was released last year.  Another redhead with pulled back bangs.  Again, I resisted.  Again, I saw great photos.  Again, a doll went on sale and found her way to my home.

These dolls really do not favor very much at all.  But only one of them was going to keep the hairstyle.  Here is Exclusive Interview Dania with a boil perm.  I really do like this doll much better than I expected.

And here is Dress Code Vanessa with a boil perm.  Her faceup is truly awesome.  Love this doll!  I'm glad I added her to the collection.

So,Shirred Not Shaken keeps her original hair style ... at least for now.

I thought it was only appropriate to do the battling redheads for St. Patrick's Day theme.  I wanted to wait to post this until Saturday, but I have four elementary student teams competing at Odyssey of the Mind this Saturday.  I have to leave here at 5:30 a.m. and won't get home until about 8:00 p.m.  Maybe Current Pursuits Vanessa can bring us the "Luck of the Irish".  

Afterall, who can resist curly red hair on St. Patty's Day?