Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finally ... A Chance To Play

First a story about "A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Convention".

Before going to the convention this year, I made plans to meet face-to-face with one of my favorite doll people - RichFL.   He is one of the most generous and kind individuals you could ever hope to know.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy to meet up as I anticipated; we kept missing each other.

On Saturday morning, Rebecca Berry (another truly amazing person), ran into me and said, "Rich has been looking all over for you!"  I asked her what he looked like.  She described Rich and told me he was wearing khaki shorts and a plaid shirt.   

So, I went on "The Great Rich Hunt!"   If I passed a man who fit Rich's description, I asked, "Are you Rich?"  It was surprising how many men were wearing plaid shirts and khaki shorts.  Even if the gentleman wasn't wearing a convention badge, I asked them, "Are you Rich?" I was set on finding my friend.  In the lobby, a man responded with "Exactly how rich do I need to be?"  I don't know precisely how many heavy, older women are pushing their personal wares at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, but this man seemed amiable to the experience if the price was right.  Needless to say, "The Great Rich Hunt" ended right then and there.   It may have been a creative alternative for acquiring those elusive table centerpieces, but it wasn't going to happen.

I only posted this because my husband believed my blog should be an equal opportunity for embarrassment since I posted about his stage experience.

Now ... to our regularly scheduled program.

Choosing my first doll from the convention to write about was a very difficult decision.  There is the glamorous Eugenia who is getting alot of web time right now.  But the doll that caught my attention immediately and has been calling my name is Hot Dots Poppy.

This is not your traditional Poppy Parker.   I've always thought of Poppy as a young girl, late teens to early twenties, who is trying to make it in the Big Apple.  This doll transcends the Poppy story line.  She is a doll who has already made it.
Hot Dots Poppy is in a mini giftset.  She is wearing a one piece bathing suit with a little skirt tied around it.  The ribbon on the skirt matches the ribbon on the espadrilles - which was nice attention to details.
The bathing suit itself is too modern for Poppy's storyline.  The legs of the swimsuit are cut very high - too high for her body.  The fabric in the crotch doesn't fit snugly enough.
She comes with a beach bag that has the coolest little applique of a purse on the outside.

There is also some very nice jewelry.

The hairstyle on this Poppy is excellent.  Had Flawless Elise had this style, she would've definitely been flawless.

I wanted to show both profiles.

Here eyelashes are perfect.  The hair color is almost "frosted" looking.

The additional shorts outfit is my favorite part of the giftset.

There are a few Poppy Parker girls that hang out around here.  Somehow, I knew this girl was a little different.  She needed something else.  I had wanted to change her body, because she needs to be taller.  Her skintone is very different than the first tan version of Poppy.  I read that Christine (Shuga Shug) was putting her Poppy on a Neve body.  When I was putting things away from the convention, I found a Vinyl Vintage Sooki head in a drawer.  Where was the body???  I found it on a Barbie Basics.  It was an excellent match!
Now she truly belongs here.  She is perfect to me.  She needs a new name and some more redressing.  I really LOVE this doll.  One of the very best from the convention.