Friday, August 26, 2011

You Gotta Have Friends ...

My theme this week is "friends".  Only on a doll blog will readers understand that our dolls have "lives" of their own.  In their stories, they may have spouses, children, or even parents, but they always have friends.

It is a very special day when one of my dolls gets a name.  That usually means she is a permanent resident of "Robyne Town".  An example is my resident Diva and mascot Chaundra.  Last week, my newly acquired Target Exclusive Basic was named Meredith. She's here to stay also.

Red Desire Gene, the subject of a recent post, was purchased so Midnight Lace Gene, also purchased this year, would have a friend.  I have decided on names for these girls.  "Drum roll please."

Meet the Wardworth-Hays sisters, Rita and Susan.   Named after Rita Hayworth and Susan Hayward, two of my favorite movie goddesses.  Do you see a likeness? 

As they sit on the patio, enjoying an afternoon beverage, and waiting on the mail person to arrive.  Rita observes, "I hope he brings us some more wonderful clothing!" 

"Oh no!  It's another doll box from Integrity Toys."

The box begins to glow ... then it smokes ... there is an explosion ....

"Hello, I am Go West," rasps the new doll.   "I am your worst nightmare."

"Well ... you couldn't have anything on those Agnes dolls!"  The girls hold one another in fear ...

"So, are you a good witch or a bad, witch?"   They tremble.

"As my sister Mae would say, 'When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better.'"

"Oh, we know Mae!   I'm sure we'll all turn out to be great friends!"

"As long as you stay away from the Ruby Slippers there shouldn't be any problem"

"Not even here one minute, and she's starting to lay claim on wardrobe items," Rita whispers ... "I'm not so sure I'm going to like this one."