Monday, June 15, 2015

Returning To Work on Monday

I gave a lot of blog time recently to my Randall Craig ensembles.  Rare Appearance Dania Zarr derailed me from moving on to Steven Fraser's Dressmaker Details clothing line.  Even though school is out now, like a good wife, I got up this morning and got my husband off to work.  After having coffee, returning to bed was not an option, so I decided to play dolls!

I was inspired to put one of the FR2 girls in a business suit this morning!   One of my favorite suits is "Boucle Today".   It is a beautiful color and comes with extraordinary jewelry.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the bodysuit over the FR2 hips - too much good food this weekend!  I did find a very similar FR version that worked beautifully.  Here is a full length photo being modeled by Edge Vanessa Perrin:
I added the bracelets from my FR collection.  There is an additional white seed pearl necklace, but I restrained myself.  I couldn't believe the shoes fit, even though the heels aren't high enough.
I think the necklace is incredible.  The earrings are also original to the ensemble.
I decided to remove the jewelry and put on the gloves and jacket.  The chain and pearl belt is sewn onto the skirt.
I may remove that big pink cloth flower, but have left everything original so far.  The ensemble will fit the silkstone, jamieshow 12", and regular FR bodies easily.  With the addition of a different blouse/bodysuit, it looks great on the FR2 girls!  Don't you agree?