Saturday, September 7, 2013

Continuing to Clean Out Closets

This past spring I sold my "secret stash" of NRFB Monster High dolls that had been hiding in my closet.   I was surprised to find they had value beyond their original retail prices.  I made enough money on them to purchase High Drama Eugenia (see earlier post).

With the announcement that Integrity was combining the FR and FR2 lines and putting all dolls produced in the future on a revised FR2 body, it gave me the courage to move forward with focusing my collection even more.  I decided to get rid of the majority of my Dynamite Girls (and boys).   I am going to try and narrow down my collection to FR dolls that I absolutely love with a sprinkle of Poppy Parker and Mattel.

Again, I made enough money selling dolls from my closet to purchase another holy grail.   She was not inexpensive, but I used funds in my Paypal "bank" to pay for her.  She is the platinum version of A Fashionable Life Vanessa.

This doll was produced in the "hay day" of FR.  This giftset comes with 3 pair of shoes, 2 pair of nude panties, a purse and traincase, 2 clothes hangers, a necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings.   Then you have a complete wardrobe - red skirt, red and black lace bustier, evening gown, fur stole, black pinstripe pants and matching suit jacket, and red panty and bra.   The workmanship is amazing.  Since I already own this set from the raven version of the giftset, I plan to sell it NRFB on The Doll Page.  Although some of the pieces of this set will not fit the taller FR body, they look great on Silkstone dolls and dolls using the Bride of Dracula body.  Here is a shot of a group of dolls using that body type wearing the clothing.

Upon removing Vanessa from her box, she was immediately transferred to a taller body.  Here she is wearing "Flight of Fancy" - a FR outfit designed for their Lana Turner line.

((SIGH)) ... I can't believe she is finally here.  She had been on my grail list for years, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay secondary market price.  The good news is that I still have some money left in Paypal and plan to get another grail in the near future.  Which one do you think will come to live with me?  I'm scared that the earlier dolls will become even more rare to acquire after the FR convention in October when the new dolls are released on the revised FR2 body.  I better get busy.