Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

I had been working on last week's blog for several days.   I was only waiting on the last piece to arrive by USPS to be photographed.  I saw the little mail truck turn the corner on Saturday.  (Feeling like Pavlov's dog, my heart started racing, my palms became moist.)  She didn't turn in?!

I trotted over to my computer and checked the tracking again.  (I had just looked yesterday morning, and it was scheduled for delivery today.)  Oh no!  Something happened!  It was back in California!

Have you ever tried to get a live person on the telephone for USPS?  I found a trick (I googled it).   You dial 1-800-275-8777 and keep yelling "Agent" into the phone.  It actually works!  (Even if it hadn't, I figured yelling at the post office would make me feel better).  I now have a case number, and they are trying to get everything re-routed and sorted out.  They even said I would be contacted within one business day. (Which DID NOT happen.  No e-mail, no call, NOTHING.  And they are operating in the red, why??)

So, here it is Wednesday; I just got word from the seller the item was actually returned to them in California and they are having to ship it again.  I had made a secret promise to myself that I would blog each week, but I am already four days late.  But a birthday doll did arrive today!
I can honestly say that it has been quite some time since a doll arrived that I immediately tore into!

This doll is "Exaggeration" from the Monogram line.  When she was previewed during IDEX, all I could think about was Project Runway's Christian Siriano and his pet-phrase "Hot Mess".  I had no interest in adding her to my collection.  Then I started seeing photos of her on the web. The dress is salmon and taupe, with a navy blue jacket.  Here are the accessories.
So we have a pair of two-tone green faux skin shoes.  The strap is taupe to match the purse.  There is a little gold buckle that you MUST undo to get the strap over the ankle (you really need to use tweezers).  There is an accent chain across the front and metallic heels.  These shoes are awesome and easily compare to the FR2 line.
The acid green gloves are made from quality fabric.  The cut is nice and they fit well.  They are almost the color of Color Therapy Vanessa's dress. 

The jewelry is wonderful.  It is in good scale and the matching pin is a perfect touch.

It is nice to see the return of purses.  This purse is good quality.  It is well-made and quite attractive.

The final accessory is a hair fascinator.  It has a great little comb that actually fits into the hair.  There is a salmon-colored rose attached and some tan-colored ostrich plume feathers.  This is top quality and something I hope to see more of in the future.

Seeing the pieces separately with the jacket and dress (which by the way, has the added detail of a matching belt - NICE TOUCH!), one wonders what tag sale this outfit was pieced together at.  But then as one puts the puzzle together, it somehow works!
I think it is dramatic and breathtaking.  I love everything about the ensemble.

One of the nice additions to the Monogram line this year is the use of eyelashes.  It made an amazing difference.

One of my pet peeves is wonky eyes.  This doll's eyes are perfect.  I also hate unruly hairdo's.  This doll's hair is a perfect chignon, very much like Flawless Elise's.

Overall, I would have to say this doll is one of the very best releases from Integrity in a very long time.  The quality is amazing.  The details and accessories are extraordinary.  She reminds me of all the things that lured me to Integrity in the beginning.  Her price point was a little expensive at her retail release of $160, but I got mine at Marl&B on sale for $110.  Rush over there right now and get your's while they have any available.  This doll is definitely worth that price!