Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love, Life, & Lace Agnes Von Weiss

Although I mentioned this doll a couple posts earlier,  I finally decided to debox her.  I was so disappointed by the head not matching the body that I just stuffed the box in the back of the closet.  Since Integrity Toys has agreed to replace the heads (and allowed collectors to keep the original head since it wasn't purchased through a dealer), I decided to make it my mission to find a body for this head.

Here is a closeup photo of the doll.
And the full length photo for everyone who is just too lazy to scroll back a couple posts (LOL!).
Here are the accessories.  Although I'm not head-over-heels in love with the silver (maybe had they used beads similar to the lace, the effect would've been more cohesive), I do love the taupe shoes.  
When I undid the ties and took her out of the box, imagine my surprise at finding the messed up hemlines on the lace!  Just look how horrible this is.  I really love this dress, but there's no way it can be displayed on a doll - the lace is as much as >1/2" shorter than the hemline of the dress in some areas.  Another call to customer service.  What's going on with quality control????  $140 is just too much to spend on this mess.
It turns out that LLL Agnes actually does have a head closer to the "Porcelain" skin tone of the earlier FR tall bodies like Tatyana, Brides of Dracula, Kesenia, et al.  Poor Shake It Up Korinne lost her body (compliments of Follow the Line Kesenia).  It's an excellent match, don't you agree?
What I do like about this doll is how different LLL is from other versions of Agnes.  This one looks younger to me and more like Giselle.  I really love the hair color and neutral makeup.  I don't mind the older FR tall bodies, so it's not a problem for her to reside here.  Now, we have to find someone to give up their space for her.