Saturday, January 25, 2020

Organizing for 2020

I've simply got to get my collection organized!  I say that every year!  Last year my purchases got totally out of hand - mainly due to some great deals on secondary market and then attending the IT Fashion Week Convention (24 dolls somehow sneaked into my luggage home).

I'm thinking about revising my guidelines to require two dolls to leave for every one doll coming in.  Like that will happen!

We've had a lot of emergencies in our family over the past few months, so I've not been able to photograph, list, or sell many dolls.  (Isn't it funny how I find the time to troll e-bay and doll websites to purchase dolls though?  Hmmm?  A thought to ponder for about half a second!)

I recently purchased a cosmetic organizer at Tuesday Morning for $5.99.  They are quite common.  I believe they are for lipsticks or small bottles of nail polish.  The compartments aren't very large,  but they are just big enough to comfortably display a pair of doll shoes!

I don't want my doll shoes falling out all over the place when I pick this little gem up, so I used 1/2 a glue spot on the sole of each shoe.   I found these in the craft department of Walmart.  They were fairly inexpensive (less than $5).   The glue spot hold the shoe in place.  (I also found out they help a doll hold a pose on a stand!)

This is how it looks when you set it up!  Voila!

It's an easy way to display 15 pairs of shoes that can be easily seen and used!  You can even lay the organizers flat in a drawer if you prefer!

I know this is just a tiny, baby step ... but even baby steps feel very good!