Saturday, September 8, 2018

Can Anyone's Luck Be This Bad?

I remember a few short years ago when Integrity Toys (IT) was experiencing growing pains and there were several dolls released with flaws.  IT was very proactive and replaced defective dolls, clothing, and/or accessories.  They even gave all W Club members a one-time special credit to use on future purchases.  That's the way a company should respond to factory problems; it's why collectors remained loyal to this brand.

Things straightened out and collectors no longer hand to hold their breath when opening a new doll.  It was bliss!  Unfortunately, I seem to be having a run of bad luck lately.  I purchased Just a Tease Mme Jolie from a dealer.   I tend to participate on the doll boards, the W Club, flickr, and Facebook.  Other collectors started posting photos of the sewing mistakes on this doll's lingerie.
Yep, mine was crooked as well.  I contacted patient care and waited almost 8 weeks for a replacement.  When it arrived, it came without stockings attached.  (I know the stockings weren't damaged on the original, but I have arthritis and it takes me a lot of time and frustration to snap those little things in the right places.)  I'm not sure those little stockings cost that much to produce, and it would've been very nice to open the package and have every thing just ready to put on the doll.  I mean I could've been super picky and asked for a new head since the right eye's iris seems lower than the left, but I decided it was so much that I couldn't live with it.

I recently blogged about Time of The Season Poppy Parker.  She was my Doll Number 10 of 2018.  Like many other collectors, I had to report that the lower legs had been stained by the hose.
I am still waiting on the replacement parts from China ...

Apparently, I was one of the more lucky collectors with Fame & Fortune Vanessa Perrin.  Many collectors have reported "wonky" eye with this version.  I love mine.   Faces of Adele Makeda was also a home run hit for me.  I recently received the W Club upgrade dolls, Eye Candy Rayna and Modernist Eugenia Frost.

Many collectors are in a frenzy over the use of "grayish" paint for the sclera of the eyes.  I hadn't noticed this in Fame & Fortune Vanessa (where it apparently started, but isn't too obvious).  I can tell the difference in Eye Candy Rayna; she will be getting her own review in the near future.  I think this is a lovely version.
However, I also have Go Home Rayna from 2011.  I think Go Home Rayna is one of the most perfect dolls, head-to-toe, produced.
I am faced with deciding which may stay; however, they are so different in style I think there is room for both.  Rayna is one of a few doll molds where I have every version ever produced.
When I opened Modernist Eugenia Frost, I knew her eyes were off.  I mean I haven't even gotten the replacement legs back for Poppy and I am sending off another defective head for replacement.   (The gray in her sclera is more obvious in this doll.  I'm not sure if it is the skin tone color or the fact that the sclera is almost the same color as the dress, but I don't like it in this doll.  Maybe it's just all the grays in the eyeshadow.  And then it may just be a combination of these things.)

I thought about selling her NRFB, but I can't sell a defective head to another collector.  I'll have to wait a couple months for the replacement to arrive.  First, I have to remove the torso and head and send it to CANADA; from there, they will order me another torso and head from China.  Wait time:  2 months at least.  Then I have to reassemble the doll.  If I decide to sell it, it won't be NRFB anymore.  This doll cost me $135 with shipping.  I shouldn't have to go to all this trouble.

Fortunately, I have amassed a lovely collection over the past 13 years I have been collecting IT dolls. If I never purchased another doll, I should be happy with those residing here.  But, as we all know, I seem to be forever desperately seeking dolls.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Fame & Fortune Vanessa Perrin - #11 of 2018

It's been a long time since I have done a post.  I apologize, but I think I am beginning to suffer from the stressful realization that my collection has become a "runaway train".   This summer I did a great job of re-homing over 50 dolls in my collection; however, I am up to almost 30 doll that have entered my home in 2018.  It may not be the smartest way of dealing with this situation, but I have just been avoiding my doll room!

I think a large number of collectors are beginning to feel burdened by the number of dolls they have amassed over the last few year.   I still remember when there was only the Fashion Royalty line and you were lucky to get 10 dolls offered in one year.   Then along came the short-lived Monsieur Z line in 2005, replaced by Dynamite Girls in 2007.   Integrity Toys decided to give us the younger models with NuFace in 2006.  Then they launched a premium line, Valia, in 2007 which eventually led to the Monograms from 2009 - 2013.  Sadly, several lines are no longer supported which makes the collectors of those dolls feel abandoned.  In most cases, the lines have been replaced by something else, but collectors get attached to characters (at least I know I do).

This makes it difficult to let go of some of the older dolls.  I have tried to to abandon my love of my Monograms; I really have!   But, the clothing, body (my favorite ever released), and those stylistic faces make me smile every time I look upon them.

It has been my intention to stay abreast of the trends and I have rolled with the changes as best as I could.  But the lack of tone consistency with skin colors and the body "upgrades" that seem to be frequent just leave me disheartened.  Not to mention the lack of quality control at the factory ...

Even with all my issues, my heart still gets aflutter when a new dolls arrives in the mail.   As with most collectors, my payments for club dolls have to follow my credit card billing cycle.   Since I try to get a new doll on the "next month's bill", I often am late getting a newer doll.   The last doll to show up on my doorstep was Fame & Fortune Vanessa Perrin.

There was a lot of noise about the price of this giftset at $250.  (I guess we have a lot of newer collectors because I remember two gift sets from 2007 that cost the same amount - Brighter Side Kyori and Spectacular Eugenia were both $250.)

Since this was Vanessa Perrin mold 1.0 (a personal favorite), it was "no brainer" for me.  I immediately signed up.  Then the long wait ... Finally, the notice she was ready to ship ... IRL photos started showing up on electronic media.  I got nervous ... there were a lot of issues with "wonky eye" on this girl.

I remember holding my breath when I opened the box...
Just look at the treasure trove of items!  But the proof is not in the pudding, but in the face-up.
No wonky eye there!  She actually has excellent eyes!  I needed to work on the hair a little, but the face is pretty good.  The pink gown is quite modern and not to my liking, but I'm sure I can do something with it on different doll.
I thought she will redress beautifully, and she does.  I believe she will be hanging around in my collection for a very long time and will be wonderful model.
The giftset included an incredible robe and panty garter set.  (I hate when the garters aren't attached to the hose).  NOTE:  The best way to attach garters:   Instead of trying to open the garters from the bottom end, work them open from the top.  The plastic mechanism is actually like a hook.  When you put the hose on, you should start at an angle from the opening end and work counter-clockwise in an arc.  It helps them snap right into place.

I decided to put the lingerie on Force of Nature Agnes Von Weiss.  Since, she's been put on a newer body she has this insatiable hunger for photo ops and new clothing.
There are still many wonderful hours of play to be had with this collection.