Saturday, December 29, 2012

Two for Tea ... And Gingerbread

I know.  I know.   There are TWO dolls in this post.  But, I ask you, how do you separate Hansel and Gretel?  You can't.  It's just not possible. 
Integrity did something a little special with Gretel ... She has lines in her irises.   Most dolls have a swipe of paint for eye color.  On rare occasion you get something extra.  I LOVE her eyes.
And who can resist Hansel?  He is unbelievable.
The accessories for Hansel are remarkable.  The boots are amazing (and amazingly difficult to get on); I actually prefer the gloved hands, the watch with a compass is an incredible detail, the green tinted glasses are to die for.  I love his patent leather back pack. 
Whomever designed Gretel's boots should get a raise or a spanking with a riding crop.  Whichever they prefer.  They are perfection.  You have to carefully slip them on - that's right "slip them on" - the laces are elastic!
The details in the ensembles of these dolls are what gives Integrity Toys their reputation.  Everything is extra-ordinary.   The colors - the style - this is what you would expect to see on the runways of Europe.  True outrageous couture at its finest!
It's hard to capture in photographs everything that is special about these two.  And I think I've completely used up all of the superlatives in my adjective vocabulary.   Without further delay ... #2 of my 12 of 2012 would be Rare Treat Hansel AND Sweet Nothings Gretel. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Dark and Mysterious


Integrity Toys had a minor "blip" in customer service this fall.  I really can't fault them about it. They are a relatively small company with a very picky clientele.  As collectors, we are perfectionists.  I cannot imagine the sheer number of complaints they get for problems.  I know several collectors broke a shoe on Main Attitude.  Much of what is produced is very delicate.

I notified IT of a problem I had with this doll's eye area in October.  I got a replacement recently.  It may have taken longer than I hoped, communications from IT may have been minimal, but IT did replace the doll's head.  The head I received was perfect.  They do their best to keep their collectors happy. 

I carefully removed the doll from the box, used a heating pad to change heads, and carefully replaced her in her outfit.
This is a closeup. You can see that I received a perfect replacement.  This is probably one of the most beautiful face/hair combinations IT has ever produced.  Her secondary market prices sky rocketed.  I was fortunate that Craig's number was drawn at the convention to purchase this beautiful doll. 
The accessories were minimal.  She was a table centerpiece from the Convention banquet.
The gown is an odd choice, but it is very unique.  I actually love the jewelry and shoes. 
#3 of 12 of 2012 is High Profile Eugenia. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Old News"

I have already featured a "debox" of this doll.  As a matter of fact, she has appeared in several blogs since I got her at the Convention.  She very quickly became a favorite of mine.  I have found myself ordering clothing just for her.  (That's when you know you're in trouble!)  Here she is wearing the Mini AG coat, blouse, and shoes.  I paired it with the skirt from Old Is New Giselle and some Barbie leggings.  She looks like she is getting ready for a New Year's Party.
I believe this doll is completely stunning.   The fact that my new friend, and table host, Veronica fixed her eye makes her only that much more special.  #4 is Fame by Frame Imogen.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Here Comes The Bride

I struggled with including this doll in the 12 of 2012.  She was one of the Rock Wedding Dolls from the 2011 W Club Membership.  Although she was offered at the end of 2011, she wasn't received until this year.  I don't list a doll on my "Best of" list that I don't have in hand.   As we all know the production doll can look much different than the promo.  Since she wasn't on the list last year, I have rationalized including her in 2012.
She has a gorgeous faceup.
She came with a veil, non-conventional wedding shoes, jewelry, hose, and extra pair of hands.
She also came with a set of lingerie for her wedding night! Oh la la!
I loved her little diamond ring.  Here she is admiring it.
When everything is put together, she is just lovely. 
She looks great even without the veil.
#5 is Rocking Ever After Lilith.  Who can resist a beautiful bride?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Suits Part Deux

It's hard to believe that TWO Monograms made it into my top 12.  I truly had given up on the Monogram line and sworn off these dolls, but the IDEX preview threw me into collecting turmoil.  I loved what IT had offered.  I wanted all five of them.  Number 6 of my 12 of 2012 is Admiration. 
I love this doll.  Her styling is perfection and takes me back to everything I love about Integrity Toys.  Looks at those accessories.
The hat is class!  The shoes are amazing with their sewn detail around the edge.  The jewelry is very nice.  The purse matches the color of the blouse.  When everything is put on the doll, I just SIGH!
I was so excited to see the return to quality accessories ... a trend that continued throughout 2012 and was very much appreciated by collectors.  The suit even looks good without the coat.
Some individuals have compared this suit to Main Attitude Adele.  I can see the comparison, but the fabrics are very different, as are the details.  I decided to pose the girls together.
For some reason, Integrity struggles with producing gorgeous dolls of ethnicity.  When one comes along this amazing, you shouldn't pass her up.  I was glad that I didn't.  She is very deserving of a top spot in my collection.  I cannot even bring myself to redress her.  She is just perfect as is.  I just sit back in Admiration!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Rocking Around the Christmas tree

Sometimes I purchase a doll because the outfit is so extraordinary, like with Main Attitude Adele.  And sometimes it is for the face like Truly Madly Deeply Agnes.  But other times, it's just the whole concept of the doll.   I got this doll from Integrity Toys' lottery for leftover dolls from the IFDC.  She appealed to my creative side.
Just look at that face!  At first, I was a little worried about those "racoon" eyes, but they don't photograph that dark.  I knew there would be many hours of redress in her future.  
I missed Go Home Rayna from the previous year.  When other collectors starting posting photos of her I thought, "How did I not see this?"   There was no way I was going to let this version sneak by me.
She, too, came with some nice accessories.  I don't plan on putting her "do-rag" on her head though.
I think the 2012 IFDC collection was quite good.  I liked all three dolls.  Shake It Up Korinne made it on my 12 of 2012 list.  Now we have Rock Me Baby Rayna.  I'm surprised we don't see more of this mold.   It is quite unique compared to so many of the other molds which are beginning to blend together.
One of the nice things about having my own blog, is that I get to say what I want. I try to be very politically correct on the boards, but today I plan on saying what is in my heart. 

In light of a year filled with tragedy, economic uncertainty, and great sorrow, let's all remember what this holiday is about.  It is a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  More so than ever, we need to turn our attention to the One who can help guide us through so much confusion and loss.  Keep God in our hearts in the coming year and stay focused on the important things in life - our loved ones, friends, and family.   With that said, I wish my dear friends who follow me on this blog a most blessed Christmas Eve.  Rayna was busy this morning putting up her creche.
May you be filled with the joy of Christmas and the wonder of the miracle that we celebrate.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Reigning Queen


There's no doubt that the reigning queen in many collections is Agnes.  Last year was not a good year for her.  Vivid Impact did not find a permanent spot in my collection.  She was the only Agnes released in 2011 and was a major disappointment for me.  However, this year's offerings more than made up for it.  Agnes makes another appearance in my 12 of 2012.  This time it is the event doll offered to W Club members who attended the Webinair for the unveiling of the 2012 Integrity lines.  She is Truly, Madly, Deeply Agnes.
This doll takes me back to The Royal Weiss.  She has that hauty look to her.  That snobby expression that I love so much.  Instead of a pout, she has more of a sneer.
Here is a photo of the accessories, which seem to go better with the casual look than the gown.
As much as I love Truly, Madly, Deeply Agnes, I believe the colors are all wrong for this doll.
I think the gown is very modern and well constructed.  It is very rare for doll to upstage Agnes; however, The Muse Adele just wears this look much better.
Although I prefer Agnes in the suit:
it still doesn't do justice to this incredible face!
My 12 of 2012 wouldn't be complete without Truly, Madly, Deeply Agnes.