Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#8 of 2016

This doll sculpt is no stranger to my Top 10.  I wasn't as impressed with the ensemble and jewelry as many other collectors were, so I was thrilled to find her nude on secondary market for a super reasonable price.   When I first saw her, she reminded me of Iconic Lana Turner, which I owned and sold.  This time she looks more like Grace Kelly, so I had to dress her as such using a Mattel dress.

I really love the screening and blended hair color.  Such an elegant hairdo!  Number 8 of 2016 is Tweed Couture Dania Zarr from the Integrity Toys Supermodel Convention.

#9 of 2016

I had such high hopes for the 2015 NuFace line and purchased four of the five dolls offered.  One of those dolls made their way to my Top Ten of 2016 (since they actually arrived in 2016 - I got mine in late January); she is the doll who received the most "favorites" on her flickr photo last year.  She didn't come "alive" for me until I put her hair back into a ponytail away from her face, bringing out her true beauty.  Here is a full length photo:
I am trying to get better about telling where the different pieces of an ensemble come from.   She is wearing the blouse from 2015's Refinement Vanessa, the coat from 2009's Old Is New Giselle, the skirt is from 2013's Color Infusion Nightshade, the boots were borrowed from 2015's Electric Enthusiasm Dominique.

Number 9 of 2016 for me is Polarity Nadja Rhymes.

#10 of 2016

A little bedrest and a lot of medication, I am beginning to get around more.  I'll probably end up listing more than one doll each day to accomplish the countdown before I go back to school.

With such a lackluster first half of the year from Integrity Toys, my attention was captured by the 2016 Barbie Fashionista line.  When did they start being on trend???  I purchased several from the line to join my family of dolls.  Those that didn't already have Made to Move bodies were switched to  articulation.  I couldn't believe it when one of them actually found its way to a perfectly matching High Frequency Kumi body.  And so, Tayla was born - (Tayla is a blended word from Tall Kayla).
This body just made her a completely different character.  Even with the simple face-up and youthful look, she is amazing.  In the middle of a doll drought, Mattel gave us a cool sip of water - Leather and Ruffles Fashionista is my #10 of 2016.