Thursday, March 26, 2020

#7 of 2020 - Late Night Dream Victoire Roux

I've been so busy with evaluating my collection for sales and dealing with "group shipments" from Integrity Toys that I somehow missed publishing my post for #7 of 2020, Late Night Dream Victoire Roux.

I have been a fan of the East 59th Street dolls all the way back 2011 - when it was just Victoire Roux!   I love the clothing and think Chris Stoeckel is an amazing artist.  His taste level and flair for vintage influenced fashion is right up my alley.

When Victoire Roux's mold was refreshed, I wasn't originally a fan.  I adore my earlier versions.  

... But this new screening is AMAZING!  The latest collection focused on yellow/white combinations, and lavender/black combinations.   My favorite ensemble was Afternoon Intrigue, which I was able to pick up secondary market.  My least favorite ensemble was Late Night Dream but I LOVED her face.

Here is full length photo in the box.
And a closeup.
Now that's a gorgeous face!
When you get her out of the box, the gown needs a little work.  It is heavy and difficult to keep up.  The layers of tulle are sewn into the bottom seam.  I decided to separate the layers to get the effect I wanted.
This girl's face is definitely her money maker!
I was tagged on flickr for a TAG GAME called Spring Coat.  I knew exactly which ensemble she needed:  the Mattel Kate Spade 2003 Barbie ensemble (I added the Kentucky Derby Barbie hat).

I never expected this photo to get the attention it got on flickr.   It was added to "inexplore" and has received over 52,000 views.  This is double the most views of any photo I've ever published!
#7 of 2020 is Late Night Dream Victoire Roux.  She is amazing and would probably be great on a FR6 body!