Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Retro Dimensional Vanessa Perrin - # 19 of 2020

Having a new puppy in the house truly interrupts doll play!

When the Retrofuture Mini Collection was previewed, I wasn't sure about the whole concept.  I know it is very haute couture.  I know there are human designers who have done this for the fashion forward.  I just wasn't sure it was for my collection.

But I can't seem to ever pass up Vanessa Perrin (mold 1.0).   I'm glad I didn't this time.

Here is a full length photo in the box.
And a closeup in the box.
Here are the accessories (photo property of Integrity Toys/IT).  Now this is a prime example of IT listening to consumers.  Collectors have been complaining about the design of the accessory boxes.  The new boxes are similar to the old slide in compartments!!!  No more accessories spilling out all over the place!
I love the shoes!  The handbag is minimal but cute.  Not sure about those modern glasses!  The earrings and necklace will get a lot of wear time.  The necklace has a magnetic closure!  ... Now those robotic arms.  They are something else.
The big bow is detachable.  It has little hooks that hook directly onto the belt.  I folded it down to give it a more finished look.
I knew I was going to be very particular about the hair on this doll.   I was fortunate to get a doll with a very nice style.   (For me the hairstyle can be a deal breaker.  I've actually paid more on secondary market for a version with great hair!)  The hairstyle on my version is fairly balanced and the front wave isn't all over the place.  I actually used pedicure scissors to remove the hairnet to save the style.  I used magnifying glasses to make sure I only snipped net.  I used a little "Got2bGlued" to make sure the wave stayed in place.  I don't plan on doing anything else.  It looks awesome this way.  She will get many photo sessions!

Now, about those robotic arms and hands.  Many collectors have reported they are unable to get the metal arm pieces on.   (These pieces are actually metal.  They are not plastic painted to look like metal.)   Some collectors have had luck trading out arms from other dolls with this skin tone (hungarian).  A few collectors have reported that the hands will not stay inside the forearms.  I guess I was extremely fortunate.  With a little coaxing I was able to get the arm pieces on and the hand pegs were actually a little tight in mine!
Unfortunately, I have a different dilemma - I can't get the metal pieces off without fear of scratching the arms!  I have already written to Customer Service and have offered buying a new set of arms!
So #19 of 2020 is Retro Dimensional Vanessa Perrin.  Who will remain with robotic arms and hands until I get a new set of hungarian arms!  What a gorgeous face and head of hair though!

EDIT:  Since this posting, IT has responded to my request to purchase a set of additional arms by offering to send me a set free!  How awesome!