Sunday, August 10, 2014

Living For The Weekend

Although there were several benefits of my 60 day countdown this summer, a strong disadvantage was that I couldn't designate any amount of play time to a specific doll.  Those of you who photograph dolls, know how difficult it is put together the right ensemble for a photo shoot.  Then it takes many photos to produce a couple of shots good enough to post.  Then you go through the editing process.  The final step is uploading the photos and writing the blog.

School started back for me July 29.  Students came back last Tuesday.  I have had no doll time for the past two weeks.   Today I made up my mind spending some "me" time was past due.

Touch of Frost Eugenia arrived at my house in late spring.  She immediately went off to Veronica Hage to have a little eye work.  I took a few shots of her for the "60 Day Countdown" but didn't do anything else with her.

Eugenia Frost is my favorite mold.  I have more of her living here than any other doll mold.   Although I am not 100% on the bandwagon for the FR2 dolls, this one really gets me.  She reminds me of a younger but more updated version of Spectacular, Spectacular - the first Eugenia that was released in 2007.

Today I decided to try different looks on her and see what I could pull off.  So, let's play "Touch of Frost Eugenia's Weekend" ….

"Even though there is causal Friday at my corporation, as CEO, I must embody a more professional appearance.   I have important meetings all day long with investors."
(The skirt and hose are from October Issue Agnes.  The blouse and jacket are from the Mini Avant Gard Giftset Aphrodisiac; the blouse fits fine; however, the top hook of the jacket will not catch.)
"After working until the wee hours of the morning, I'm lucky to get 7 hours sleep.  The next afternoon, I have to chair the Women In The Arts charity luncheon."
(This ensemble is from the Silkstone Luncheon Ensemble.   The middle snap does not close, but it is not noticeable.)
"For me, 'Date Night' is Saturday Night.  I hope beef wellington is on the menu tonight!"
(This little black dress is borrowed from Shapeshifter Natalia.  The dress zips fine.  It actually fits the FR2 body better than the FR body.  Regardless of the body that wears it, the design prevents the arms from laying close to the body.  I was disappointed when I found this out because I had been wanting this dress for many years.)
"After an exhaustive night of dinner and dancing, I need my beauty rest before attending church."
(This is an original dress from Bogue's Vogue.   It fits very nicely.)
"After church, it's off to the farmer's market to shop for the week, an afternoon movie with friends, and some must needed casual, relaxing time for me."
(Urban Outfitting Nadja's NuFace slacks and sweater and look great on Eugenia.  Unfortunately the pants will not close in the back, so they are held together with a safety pin.  The sweater fits perfectly.)
I have decided that Touch of Frost is easily one of the best incarnations of Eugenia yet.  She looks great in many things.  Eugenia isn't usually produced in the Japan skin tone.  This makes her even more special.  The eye correction makes her perfection.