Saturday, March 15, 2014

Not Your "Basic" Doll

At the 2013 Convention, Integrity Toys brought back their ITBE line (Integrity Toys Basic Edition).  Attendees were given "random tickets" in their convention package for the opportunity to purchase Integrity Direct items in the store.  Two of those items were ITBE dolls - only these were not dolls from the original ITBE line.
There is a weird game IT plays with collectors in this area where they are not using the character name with ITBE dolls.  I guess ITBE dolls are so inexpensive that they can't afford a name; however, collectors are very familiar with the molds.  The one on the left is the Lilith/Eden mold and the one on the right is Anja.  (Lilith was Number 4 of my "Top 10 Dolls of 2013".)

Earlier this year, members of the W Club were given the opportunity to enter a lottery for three additional ITBE/Basic dolls.  There was Adele Mold 2.0 (retired FR bod),  Luchia/Isha (retired FR body), and Natalia Mold 1.5 (retired Monogram body).
Collectors went crazy over these dolls.  According to the W Club, there was a record number of entries in this lottery.  In an earlier post, I reviewed the Adele who was my first doll of 2014.

Last week W Club members were given a second lottery opportunity for four more ITBE/Basic dolls.  Each doll will be produced in a limited edition size of 300 and will cost $75.  I'm not sure the marketing strategy behind this collection makes sense.  On the secondary market the Lilith and Isha/Luchia often bring three to five times their original purchase price!

I really like how IT is mixing it up with these dolls.  Collectors are finally getting some amazing dolls of color.

Here is "Second Skin".  She uses the Vanessa 1.0 mold (a personal favorite of mine).   In this version, she is using the "A-Tone" skin tone.  She has Deep Brunette hair and will be on the original "big bust" FR body which is retired.
This doll was very unexpected but is a very pleasant surprise.  This will be the first time this Vanessa 1.0 changes race.  Love the "faux skin" black dress and red accessories.
Next up, we have "Morning Dove".   This is another of my favorite molds - Kyori 1.0.  Kyori has Raven hair, will be using the "FR Black" skin tone, and will come on the FR retired "big bust" body.
Although Kyori has been released in multiple skin tones in the past, I believe this is first time she uses the "FR Black".  Another lovely African American doll for collectors.  Although I really like the print of the fabric, the weight seems a little bit heavy.
"Red Strike" is one of the oldest IT molds, Janay, which was originally released as a "play line" doll.  She never looked this good in her play line version.  She is on the Monogram body, has shimmering blonde hair, and is using the Miami Skintone.
I am surprised by how much I like this doll.  I believe these dolls represent the best group of dolls "of color" collectors have had the opportunity to purchase in a very long time. I'm not sure her intended ethnicity, but she looks Puerto Rican to me.
The last doll is "Night Strike".  Apparently, this dress is easy and inexpensive to produce.  This will be the third color way of it.  Night Strike is using a Monogram mold and body.  She has gray hair.
This dolls seems to be the most popular with collectors.  She really is quite beautiful.
So, I have a couple days to make up my mind if I am going to enter any of the lotteries.  This is a very tough call.  They are all lovely and would bring something different to my collection.   Who would you choose?  I'll let you know my decision in the next post.  It helps to put them all four in one photo.

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