Sunday, November 17, 2019

#53 of 2019 - NYFW Karolin Stone (And #54)

Choosing dolls to release from boxes and add to my collection can sometimes be a long process.  I have very limited display space, so I sometimes have to sell or rebox a doll for another to join those dolls currently out.  

Unfortunately, when you collect Integrity Toys dolls, you can't just return a whole boxed doll and have it switched out for another.  The Patient Care program requires that you identify the problem and then send back the specific part or head/torso for replacement.  This takes some of the control out of a collector's hands about which dolls are released from their packaging first.  It's what happened with NYFW Karolin Stone.

At the 2019 IT Convention, the "Fashion Week" theme was most apparent in the NuFace dolls.  The only NuFace doll in the convention collection was London Runway Nadja Rhymes (#35 of 2019).  At the W Club luncheon on Saturday, the centerpiece doll was Paris Runway Giselle Diefendorf.   
(Hate the color of the interior of these boxes - yellow just doesn't look right on most skin tones).  #54 of 2019.

It seems the NuFace dolls were unsettling to many collectors.  Some collectors loved them, and some collectors disliked them just as much.  The same is true for the W Club Luncheon gift doll that was included with the luncheon fee, NYFW (New York Fashion Week) Karolin Stone.

When I got upstairs and opened my doll, I found that she had not made a safe trip to Baltimore.  She had come untied from her box and had been tossed around.  Her head was twisted around like Linda Blair.  Her eyelash was not secure and she was missing some of the paint from her eyeliner. 

I took her back downstairs, hoping to exchange her, but the IT team had already boxed up everything.  I went to the salesroom and they tried to help me; unfortunately, they were unable to find a doll to switch out, so I was told I would have to contact Patient Care.

When I got home, I had to remove the doll from the box, undress her, and disconnect her from her torso at the breastplate.  She was mailed to Canada.  I just got the replacement this week.

Here is a full length photo of the replaced doll in her entire ensemble.  (Love those shoes!)
And a close up.
I added a hair ribbon to better show that gorgeous face because it is quite dramatic and beautiful.  Fortunately, my replacement had a higher forehead than the original.  This doll's best feature is her eyes.  They are amazing!  Again, the factory workers globbed on too much glue on the eyelashes, but I found a quick fix.  I just took a small paint brush, some black paint and painted over the glue!  It made a significant improvement in photos.

So how will she redress?  How about how does she undress??
#53 of 2019 is NYFW Karolin Stone, a truly amazing doll to photograph!  I think she looks almost like a OOAK re-paint.  She'll be staying here for a long time.  I see a lot of playtime in my future with this doll!  I wonder when her value will increase as collectors realize her potential and she stops being overshadowed by other dolls from the convention...