Sunday, August 20, 2017

Feeling Wild Giselle Diefendorf

After I completed my last blog entry, I told myself that I may feel less overwhelmed if I started deboxing.

The doll that I have been most excited about is Feeling Wild Giselle Diefendorf.  She was one of three 2017 IFDC dolls from the Dollton Abbey Collection.  I feel I need to mention that I am a huge Downton Abbey fan and never missed an episode.

Here are the promotional photos (all are property of Integrity Toys and are being used for informational purposes only).

First we have Never Predictable Adaline King (mold 2.0).  She is obviously representing Lady Mary.

Next up is Touch of Whimsy Finley Prince.  I immediately got the connection to Cousin Rose.

And last is Feeling Wild Giselle Diefendorf taking on Lady Edith.

I thought I was "safe" from the temptation of purchasing any of these dolls ... until IRL photos started showing up.  All of them are quite lovely!   I like Never Predictable a great deal but I am not a fan of the eye screening with the lower lashes, nor do I care for the sheerness of the gown.  Although I love the boots and jacket from Touch of Whimsy, I don't like the hair at all. I'm not sure how Feeling Wild changed so much from promotional doll to production doll, but all I have to say is, "Lady Edith would've been the star of the show had she looked like this!"

Here is Feeling Wild in the box.
And a closeup.
Here are the accessories.  I can't say how much I adore the little bee hair pin.  It is so on point for Victorian/Edwardian jewelry!  The jewelry has small sapphire stones that contrast with the plum color of the gown nicely.
I don't care for the netting - it only messes up the hair as far as I'm concerned.  The hose are beautifully designed with a seam and "peep toes".  They are plum colored like the dress!
Here she is out of the box.
I had a friend ask me how I keep my collection in such good shape, so I am going to show you what I do as I dress and prepare a doll.

First, I never throw anything away, especially those clear rubber bands that often come with play line dolls.  It is too easy to destroy a doll's hair when redressing her.  If I plan on leaving the doll's hair alone and it is wavy, I take a couple of these rubber bands and put them on at the waves.  you see them from behind, but they "fit inside" the wave from the front.  Here is a photo from behind.
This helps keep the hair from being pulled out of its style.  (You don't want to use the smaller bands because they will pull the hair too tight.)

Personally, I am a big fan of how the newer bodies come apart.  I pull the legs off to put the shoes on!
I use magnifying glasses and tweezers.  (When I put gloves on my dolls, I actually use spare sets of hands I have here and leave the gloves in the hands for storage!)  With the removable legs, you could actually switch off the whole leg with a doll of the same skin tone!  The pedicure wouldn't match, but who cares - you wouldn't have to worry about destroying the shoes.
Just throw a lampshade on and it comes from Italy - Fra-gi-le!   (BTW ... the straps on these shoes are short - there isn't a lot left over when putting them.)
I use a corsage pin to pierce the earring holes.  It opens the hole and makes it easier for the post to slide in.  It has saved me quite a bit of frustration and broken jewelry.  I try to be very careful with my dolls because the money I spend on them is a lot out of my budget.

It takes me a long time to remove a doll from her box and dress her properly.  But the result is always worth it.  Here she is ... Feeling Wild is feeling pretty regal if you ask me!

I know this doll is going to redress beautifully, but I think I am going to enjoy her in stock for a little while.