Saturday, February 4, 2012

Coming Attractions

January is always a rough time for me.  I do most of my testing of children at school in January.  (I gave over 200 tests last month in 18 days.)  I still have more to go.

My departed Mother's birthday is in January. 

There is always a lot of reflection about the previous year during the month.

I have been blessed with a great marriage and a good job.  Last year I managed to acquire many of my "grail" dolls.  I've tried to stick to rules, but I'm beginning to feel "suffocated" by them and the hobby.  I know I have too many dolls.  I know I need to thin my collection.  I know I do NOT need to purchase more, but I just can't seem to resist them. Is this what addiction feels like?

With the number of great dolls I own, I've decided to be much more picky about what comes into this house.  I re-joined the W Club this year.  But I decided not to purchase either upgrade doll.  (Photos are Integrity Promotional photos, they were sent to me in e-mails, and they can be found on the following website: )
This is upgrade Dream Teen Poppy.  She reminds me of Reluctant Debutate Poppy (which I already own) wearing a variation of the "She's Arrived" dress which I sold.

Nor did I purchase the Ready to Dare Natalia. 
She looks too much like the last few Natalia dolls. 

Recently the W Club had a lottery for a new Ayumi mold FR2 doll.  It was the IDEX event doll.  I didn't enter the lottery.  She just didn't interest me.
As part of the IDEX program, Integrity previewed 5 Monograms, 4 FR16 (a new collection of 16 inch dolls), 2 NuFantasy, 3 Poppy Parkers including Chip, 4 Sabrina dolls using the Poppy mold, and 4 Poppy Parker Fashion Teen (a tall version of Poppy).  Including the Ayumi, that was 23 dolls!  I can remember when Integrity didn't release 23 dolls in a year! 

I succumbed and purchased two of the Monogram girls.  I just couldn't resist them.  One was called "Admiration".

And the other was Allure.
These two dolls remind me a great deal of the "old" Integrity products with the attention to detail and the little extras.  I only own a select few Monograms, but these two are coming here to join them.

The only other doll that even tempted me was Hansel.  He looks like the white version of Prince circa Purple Rain. 
The Gretel reminded me too much of Tokyo Here We Go Misaki who already lives here and is the resident Punk Queen.

In the end, I purchased him because some smarty pants commented that he would be a great Best Man for the Rock wedding. I already preordered that complete set.  It was the last W Club Exclusive.

These dolls are by far the most original to come out of Integrity in a long time.  LOVE THEM.  And Hansel will make a great Best Man.

I did get a little play time in.  I wound up with another Go West by accident.  I decided to take her hair down and redo her.  She is the first doll who could successfully wear the ensemble Life of the Party. 
I was really surprised to find this doll so versatile.  I love her with her hair down and pulled back.