Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Legend In Her Own Mind

You may love her or she may leave you cold, but no one can deny that this doll is special.  Since 2006, Agnes Von Weiss has been released in 23 separate versions but has never been available for retail purchase.  Since I've already done a blog entry on her history, I won't repeat it again but here is the link to an updated version:

For some reason, in my imagination, Agnes Von Weiss is a blonde, so Aristocratic was a no brainer for me.  I just got home from vacation and she was waiting on me (and more than a little miffed that she had to stay in that box longer than necessary).
Here is a closeup.  This is a new eye screening for integrity.  I was very worried that I wouldn't like it, but it's quite nice in real life.  I think the entire doll turned out better than the promotional pictures.
Here are the accessories.  
The red purse is super cute and has a very nice strap at the bottom that aids in the doll holding it in her hand!   The shoes are nice patent leather pumps (no strings, ribbons, or buckles!).   A pair of black gloved hands that are perfect for this ensemble, some new style earrings, and a cute woven cloche hat complete the look.  
Here is a closeup.  
Of course Ms. Von Weiss is not satisfied with the minimal jewelry.  There have been arguments that the pattern on the dress is bows and another group of collectors who think it is butterflies.  I fall in the butterflies camp myself, so I found an old rhinestone earring to use as a pin for her hat.  What do you think?
As elegant as this is, I decided to try adding a feather.
Full Length with the feather.
Ms. Von Weiss believes, "Go big or go home!"  Look at this feather!
She can either wear this to meet the Queen or when she bets on horses.  Sometimes less is more!

I mentioned earlier how I always think of Agnes as a blonde.  Here is a photo of several blonde (different shades) of Agnes Von Weiss with a part in her hair.  They are undressed because I didn't want the clothing to distract from the comparison.  (I would've included Poesie Enchantee but she is still NRFB.)
 In conclusion, this is the second official Fashion Royalty doll I've received this year and I couldn't be happier.  I am actually quite ecstatic with them both.  I hope this trend continues.  Aristocratic is going to be an awesome addition to my collection!