Friday, November 2, 2012


I don't believe Integrity Toys could have chosen a more appropriate name for a doll.  "Escapism" definitely sums up the appeal of doll collecting to me personally.

After finding problems with three of the first items I opened from the convention, I decided I had better check over my "loot".   I discovered that some of the dolls I thought were my favorites, had moved lower in the ranking.  Some of the dolls that I had considered selling were suddenly in my "staying pile".

My biggest surprise is Escapism Elise Jolie.  At the W Club Luncheon, all attendees were given an opportunity to purchase this centerpiece doll.  I passed on both my husband's and my own purchases.  Two of our table companions were very excited to receive our purchase opportunity.  I guess I was feeling like that old Pepto Bismol commercial.  I had over-indulged in dolls and was beginning to feel sick - "I can't believe I bought the whole thing!"

After the luncheon, my husband and I went for a walk along the lake and took some much needed rest from all things dolls. On the way back to our room, I casually steered my husband by the salesroom.  It turned out that they were selling leftover Elise and Victoire dolls from the luncheon.   My dear, sweet husband rationalized, "You really like the dress.  You can always sell the doll nude and get your money back.  Go ahead and get her.  It's just one more doll."
This doll's beauty is difficult to capture in photos.  For some reason, her eye shadow looks very purple in many of the pictures I've seen posted of her.  It is much more smokier in person.

I really loved this dress.  It is sheer (so sheer, in fact, that you can tell she is wearing black panties!).  I changed her panties for modesty sake to a beige tone.
I believe the gown on Escapism truly captures what I think of when I hear the word "Tropicalia" - flowing, sheer fabrics - caught in the warm tropic breeze.  It just makes me want to turn on a fan and put her in front of an island backdrop.

The jewelry she came with is high quality, as are her shoes.

Unfortunately, there were problems with her hair rooting.  Three plugs actually came out when I was gently combing it.  I was alarmed by this.  I couldn't find where they were missing, but in a doll whose hair is already on the thin side, it is not comforting to find actual plugs in the brush after the first brushing.  I wasn't sure I liked how the front of the hair was styled.  I put a little braid on each side.

Escapism.  The reason I collect dolls.  The reason I write a blog.  The reason I visit dolls boards.  My time away from the cares and troubles of the world outside.  In my humble opinion, the best doll of the whole convention.  I can't wait to redress her.