Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Supermodel Convention - Color Infusion

Many years ago, convention attendees participated in a program featuring Dynamite Girls where they got to put dolls and ensembles together.  This was replaced at the Orlando Tropicalia Convention with the introduction of a new body type and line called Color Infusion.  Attendees can buy basic nude dolls for a lower price than mainline dolls.  Then there is a selection of clothing ensembles that can be purchased separately.  Since its introduction, I have allowed myself to keep one doll each year.  (NOTE:  Color Infusion was originally introduced as a NuFace spinoff in 2011.)

This year's convention collection took Color Infusion to new heights.  I am so glad that I do not collect male dolls.  I would've been in serious trouble.  Here is the 2016 lineup:

Callum Windsor wearing "What A Man":
Ace McFly wearing "Too Sexy"
Tobias Alsford (my personal favorite) wearing "Hypnotize":
Ollie Lawson wearing "Mr. Vain":
Declan Wake wearing "Strike It Up":
Preston Woods wearing "Come As You Are":
And the female characters this year were totally amazing.

Monroe Jillian wearing "Pure Love":
Laka O'Rion wearing "Poison":
Dree Hill wearing "Crazy Sexy Cool":
Jaeme Costas wearing "Teen Spirit":
Tilda Brisby wearing "All That She Wants":
And Blue Burkhart wearing "Give It Up":
These were phenomenal fashions with a lot of mix and match possibilities.  There were nods to great fashion icons.  Even the packaging was elevated this year.  Here is a photo compared to previous packaging.  Teen Spirit on the left.
All of these items are selling extremely well on secondary market.  Many of the dolls are over $100 now as are some of the ensembles.  I was fortunate enough to get my three favorite fashions:  Teen Spirit (I have been waiting for a long sleeve denim blouse!!), Pure Love, and Crazy Sexy Cool (love those shoes!).   For anyone wondering, many pieces of CI clothing will actually fit the FR2 and NuFace bodies.  All of the shoes/boots are too big as the CI foot is larger.

I was unable to stick to my "allowed" one doll from this collection.  I wound up with two: Jaeme Costas (who hasn't arrived yet) and Blue Burkhart.  Here are a couple photos of Blue:
I am not usually a fan of big hair or even platinum hair, but I love this doll.  Here she is wearing a suit from Hoang Anh Khoi (who has an etsy storefront).
This doll is phenomenal.  I put her on a regular FR2 body and am truly enjoying her.
So, who was your favorite?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Supermodel Convention - Event Dolls

For many years now, Integrity Toys has been giving a doll in the Welcome Package.  Some years there have been "build-a-giftset" dolls and ensembles.  I really like this concept because it's a lot of fun getting the little pieces and putting everything together.

When attendees picked up their registration materials this year, they were treated to a doll from the new line "The Industry".   This doll is simply called The Industry Tulabelle.  A pink shorts suit and funky fur outfit were given at other events to complete the giftset.

I really like the pants, but the doll's pink face-up is just too pink for me (and that's saying a lot).

Strangely enough, the welcome party included Poppy Parker dolls.  The gift to attendees was Big Eyes Poppy Parker.  As much as I adore this doll, I already have She's Not There who is similar.  Both dolls remind me of Twiggy.
If your number was drawn you won the opportunity to purchase the centerpiece doll.  She is Kicks Poppy Parker.  I would love to find this one on secondary market at a price I could afford.  She is one of my favorite dolls from the convention this year.
Usually Poppy Parker is reserved for the luncheon, but since a real super model, Veronica Webb, did a question and answer session at the luncheon, it was decided the dolls featured at the luncheon should reflect the super model theme.  The gift doll was Shade Kyori Sato.  (Dolce & Gahbana 2008)  Poor Kyori Sato mold 2.0 is often produced in this similar screening - dark hair and red lips.  This doll seems to be the easiest to purchase on secondary market.

The centerpiece was Legendary Natalia Fatale.  This gown was based on a Versace Couture dress.  This is the only mainline doll I have purchased from the convention.  I had to have this doll and this gown.  Natalia is hungarian skin tone.   Even though the screening is similar to the retail doll, the skin tone, hair, and gown were must-haves for this collector.  I LOVE this doll.

The sales bazaar is now a regular function for Friday nights.   This eliminates one dinner and two doll opportunities.  The W Club luncheon was Saturday and is a separate purchase for W Club members only.   The gift was a Colette with a new mold 2.0.  Her names was Checking In Colette.  (Ensemble inspired by Azedinne Alaia's Tati collection - 1991) Many collectors loyal to the original mold have been resistant to this doll and it is also easily attainable on secondary market.

The centerpiece was Full Speed Erin - channeling Helena Christensen from the 1991 American Vogue "Wild Ones" photo shoot.  (There was a 1:6 scale motorcycle that attendees were able to purchase if they were one of the lucky 40 numbers called.)   This doll has been very popular with collectors.

The banquet centerpiece was Tweed Couture Dania Zarr.  This time the fashion nod was to John Galliano's 1997-1998 Haute Couture collection for Dior.  For some reason, I just don't care for this doll as it reminds me of the earlier Lana Turner dolls.
The Event doll was Diva Dasha based on Christian Lacroix's Haute Couture Spring/Summer 1995 collection.  For some reason this doll hasn't been as popular as expected.

It turns out that Diva Dasha was supposed to be in the Convention Collection, but the Event doll didn't make it through production in time.  Here is a photo of the five in their Versace dresses.

All attendees were given an opportunity to purchase Jason Wu's La Vie en Bleu Elyse Jolie from his very own collection.
Every attendee got four gift dolls.  If your number was drawn you got the opportunity to purchase at least two of the centerpiece dolls.  If you paid to attend the W Club luncheon, you got a fifth "gift" doll and the opportunity to purchase another centerpiece doll.  All attendees got the additional perk of the opportunity to direct purchase Jason's doll (which was intended to be the official convention doll).

The only doll that was a "must have" for me was Legendary Natalia.  However, I will probably be tempted by Elyse Jolie and Kicks Poppy Parker will be joining my collection if I can ever find one at reasonable price.

All of these dolls are really quite extraordinary.  Again, the collection was well-rounded and included quite a bit of diversity.

Supermodel - The Convention Collection

It would be easy for a collector to completely go crazy with this year's IT Convention Collection.   This is one of the most cohesive collections in many years.  The theme was "Supermodel, Larger Than Life On The Catwalk."   Let's start with the Convention Collection.  Each of the "mainline" dolls came with an extra Versace inspired dress.  Here are the four of them:

There is Chameleon Vanessa Perrin (the consensus seems to be Linda Evangelista with long hair) wearing Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 1990:
Next we have Fashionista Eugenia Frost (also Linda Evangelista with long hair) wearing the iconic safety pin Versace gown:
Cover Girl Veronique Perrin (looking like Cindy Crawford) takes a cue from sister Vanessa and is also wearing Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 1990:
And Glamazon Adele Makeda (obviously Naomi Campbell) wearing Thiery Mugler Haute Couture Autumn Winter 1992:  
Other dolls in the Convention Collection included:

Editorial Edge Lilith wearing Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013:

Fashion Force Imogen wearing Chanel Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2015:

And the final doll of the Convention Collection was Model Living Poppy Parker (Jean Shrimpton):
The Convention Collection was advertised to attendees prior to arrival.  In addition to the seven dolls in the Convention Collection, there were two "Sales Room Exclusives".  The first is an homage to Madonna.  Her name was Kiss You In Paris Isha.  She was a mini-giftset that included black lingerie.

The second was a black Poppy Parker Just My Style Poppy Parker.  This is the only the second time Poppy has been released in this skin tone.  She is lovely!

I don't think a single doll is a reject.  They are all very lovely and any collector would be lucky having them in their collection.  Had I been at the convention, all nine of them would've come home with me.  

My only complaint (albeit a small one) is that I expected the design team to be less literal in their interpretations of these dolls and ensembles.  Being so literal, I wish they had included the thigh-high boots that came with the original designs.  

As of this writing, I have not purchased one of these dolls.  I am trying to practice self-restraint until after the feeding frenzy has died down.  I haven't seen secondary market prices like these in a few years.  It is a total feeding frenzy with collectors paying over double the markup on the original sales prices.

Even though no one has asked, here are my opinions:

1.  As lovely as Chameleon Vanessa may be, I really don't need another platinum blonde Vanessa.

2.  Fashionista Eugenia is a better screening of Overachiever.  I believe she is the best of the Convention Collection considering the doll + ensemble.  I wouldn't mind adding her to my collection in the future.

3.  Cover Girl Veronique is lovely in that pale blue/yellow combination, but I can't get past that hair.  She is my least favorite of the group.

4.  Glamazon Adele reminds me of the better screenings of this mold - Goldstroke, Talking Drama, and Graphic Language.  I already own all of these.  The perfect doll for me would've been Adele wearing the safety pin dress.  I may achieve that some day, but I can't afford the secondary market on these dolls right now.

5.  Editorial Edge Lilith is interesting but I like Hard Metal better.

6.  Fashion Force Imogen suffers from the fact that I just added one to my collection - the membership upgrade version.

7.  Model Living Poppy is very tempting.  I know attendees have been selling Spy A Go Go in lieu of this version.

8.  Kiss You in Paris reminds me too much of Bewitching Hour.

9.  Just My Style Poppy is adorable, but I still haven't taken The Midas Touch out yet.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Looking For Some "Body"

I recently learned that Electric Enthusiasm Dominique Makeda's body was a donor for many dolls including last year's Convention Kumi.   I got on line and checked all of the Integrity dealers until I was able to locate one at original price.

When she came I was pleasantly surprised by the ensemble.  Here she is NRFB.
And a closeup.  Hmmm... she's actually got a lovely face-up.
She comes with a great purse and some "killer" boots.   Here's a photo outside the box.
I decided to pose her with her two sisters that are currently residing here, Polarity Nadja and Voltage Erin.  (I am still not bonding with Voltage)
I decided I might as well undress her and start up the heating pad.  Ack!   STAIN ALERT!
Fortunately, I purchased this doll directly from a dealer a few days ago and the warranty is still in place.  I contacted Patient Care - waiting to hear back.  With her clothes back on, she is a very pretty doll.