Sunday, October 13, 2013

Favorites Old and New

When I order from Clear Lan, someone special in my collection always gets a treat.   There's been a little bit of coolness in the air lately, so I decided to let her open her present.  Chaundra was excited to get this "Burberry" dress from Clear Lan.

I added a long sleep black body suit, some black tights, and a pair of DG boots.  The belt is also Clear Lan.

People often wonder which doll in someone's collection is THE doll that started everything.  For me it was Flame Rouge Veronique.  She is the oldest doll in my modern doll collection, dating back to 2003.
As I thin my collection, I always come back to her.  Her value, though more sentimental, will always keep her here.

Recently, I was able to pick up another Adele.  The 2.0 Adele mold is one of my favorites, so I try to grab up the ones I'm missing when they come available inexpensively.   This is Soul Deep.  Someone was selling her nude.  She had great hair and eyes.   I couldn't resist.  She's the newest member of my collection.
EDIT:   As much as I really do love this doll, something was bothering me about her face.  I went to flickr to check out other versions and they all seem to be very similar.  I believe her eyebrows need to be lowered about 1/4".  I played with it a little on Photoshop.  What do you think?  Now, to decide whether or not to get an artisan to correct this ....