Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Truly Elusive Natalia Fatale

Integrity Toys had to replace the head for my Elusive Creature.  Followers may remember how the doll I received had very wonky eyes.  Unfortunately, I believe the quality control issues surrounding this doll significantly damaged her reputation.   Here is a photo of her still in her box (the eye issue is even more noticeable at a distance).
It took several weeks for me to receive my replacement, but , as you can see, the replacement is quite good.
Even though I was a fan of the "Urban Safari" theme, the fabric weights on these ensembles were just too far off from each other.  The skirt is thin material and very short, the blouse is mesh, but the vest is heavy and thick. I believe there are good mix and match possibilities with winter ensembles.  Here is a full length photo of the ensemble.
Here is a photo of the accessories separate from the doll.
The true beauty of Elusive Creature Natalia Fatale is not realized until you start redressing her.  It was a very snug fit around the hips, but this is the bodysuit from the Chameleon ensemble in 2006.
Elusive Creature Natalia Fatale may be the dark horse of the 2014.  She is quite gorgeous when set free to explore the wilds of the IT doll closets.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best of 2014 - Number 1

When I started my countdown over 10 days ago, I had every intention of making Vanessa Perrin Number 1.   After all, there were six versions from two different molds released.  For the first time ever, collectors were actually paying high secondary market prices for mold 3.0 versions and buying multiples of single versions.

The character that I placed at Number 1 is Elise Jolie.   Until 2014, my favorite version of Elise Jolie was Blue Blood from the 2009 Iconic Convention.  The only version of Elise that is on my grail list is Engaging.

2014 added three new versions.  The mainline doll was called On The Rise.   She had an edition size of 700 and sold for $135.  I had originally passed on this doll but wound up getting a nude one on secondary market.  There is something special about this face up.  I really like the smaller lips.  I don't know how I missed this doll (it was probably the mustard yellow dress that was throwing me).
Ms. Jolie also caused quite a stir at the Gloss Convention.  Intrigue Elise Jolie was the centerpiece doll at the banquet.  250 lucky attendees were given the opportunity to purchase this doll.  She totally rocks my world!
I think she definitely has that Karl Lagerfeld aura.  I like that she has a caucasian skin tone for a change.  She is truly amazing, and I can't wait to debox her.
Intrigue Elise was a hair's width away from being my Number 1 choice, but, the truth of the matter is that the next doll has gotten more camera time than any other doll added to my collection in 2014.  At first, I did not like this doll and even stated the doll didn't impress me. She only joined my collection because someone offered a nude version of Montaigne Market for sale at a good price; I figured I'd give her a try.

Best of 2014
Number 1
Montaigne Market Elise Jolie
May the New Year be one filled with love, joy, happiness, and adventure.  I wish you only the best for the next 365 days!  Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Best of 2014 - Number 2

This doll character was so close to becoming Number 1 in my countdown.  If I didn't love my Number 1 choice so much, I could have switched the two characters easily.

2014 was definitely the year of Vanessa Perrin.   It started when she was announced as the W Club upgrade doll.  According to the release, she was a preview of the theme for the mainline.   If you are a completist, she was a must purchase.  Unfortunately, when Fashion Explorer Vanessa started arriving, it quickly became apparent that the quality control at IT was seriously suffering.  Collectors were receiving dolls with all sorts of problems with the predominant being eyelash glue globs on the iris and cornea area of the doll.  Fortunately, my girl arrived pretty much perfect.
Fashion Explorer Vanessa uses mold 3.0 which, up to 2014, has had a very lukewarm reception from collectors.
At the end of each year, individuals on Flickr often post a compilation of photos that receive the most attention from the public.  My "In The Box Closeup" of the next doll has received almost 4000 views;  The most of any photo I've ever posted on Flickr.   Earlier in 2014, collectors had the opportunity, through a W Club lottery, of purchasing Second Skin Vanessa Perrin using mold 1.0.
This version was limited to 300 dolls and cost only $75.  She was the only doll I entered the lottery to win, and I literally jumped up and down in my kitchen when my number was drawn.  This doll is very special because it is the first time Vanessa Perrin has been produced in the black skin tone.  I LOVE SECOND SKIN VANESSA!
The next time we saw Vanessa Perrin was in the production of Lisa Ramsammy's winning entry from the 2013 IT Design Competition.  Her name is Edge.  Unfortunately, I do have this doll, so I am using a photo from IT.  This doll also utilizes mold 3.0.
It was announced that Ms. Vanessa Perrin would be one of the Gloss Convention dolls.  Here is Adorned Vanessa Perrin.
I broke down and purchased this doll.  She reminds me so much of Jaclyn Smith in Charlie's Angels!  Many collectors consider her one of the very best dolls from the convention.  Here is a close up from IT.

I mentioned earlier that Second Skin Vanessa has received the most views on Flickr.   The next doll has received the most "favorites" from my posts.   To everyone's surprise, mold 1.0 Vanessa Perrin showed up at the Gloss Convention Welcome Banquet.    Sheer Sensuality Vanessa Perrin was a no-brainer purchase for me.
I do not have a mold 1.0 similar to this doll.  She was an edition size of 250 and could only be purchased by attendees whose lottery numbers were drawn.  (For some reason, this doll is completely overshadowed by other convention dolls; however, I think she is one of the very best mold 1.0 dolls ever produced.)
And just when one thinks the credit card is safe … the Gloss Convention Helper doll is released.  It is called Illustrious Vanessa Perrin.  This is mold 3.0 and was only given to helpers at the convention; only 100 were produced.  Fortunately, I was able to swap my second High Profile Eugenia Frost from the 2012 convention for this doll.  Illustrious Vanessa looks like a blonde version of Night Warrior to me,  For some reason, I could never bond with Night Warrior, but I fell in love with this blonde version.   Unfortunately, she is still in her box.

If you were counting, you realized IT produced six version of the character Vanessa Perrin in 2014.  Two were using mold 1.0 (which was retired but has always been a favorite with many collectors) and four used mold 3.0 which went from the "bastard stepchild" to the top of many lists this year.   It must be nice for IT designers to have their "I told you so" moment.  Choosing among the six was near impossible, but I have to go with the most dramatic of the six ...

Best of 2014 
Number 2
Illustrious Vanessa Perrin