Sunday, May 2, 2021

Organization - Cabinet 1 Shelf 2

Since I was able to fill up Shelf 1 with dolls pre-2006, I decided to see what I could do with dolls made with the original tall bodies (2006 - 2013).  These doll are still on those bodies because I like the clothing from that time period in Integrity Toys history.  I found it was easier to group dolls by years.  The second shelf of my cabinet will focus on Fashion Royalty dolls from 2006 - 2008 that are still on the original tall bodies.  I redressed several dolls because I was worried about staining from original ensembles or the they wore really big gowns.

Cabinet #1, Shelf #2

Back row:

I only have three dolls still living here from 2006 that are on original bodies.  They are:

Dressing The Part Agnes Von Weiss wearing her original ensemble.

Glow Vanessa Perrin (mold 1.0) wearing her original ensemble (eyes enhanced by Veronica Hage).

Sound Advice Veronique Perrin (OOAK named Ondine by Vin Trapini).  She is wearing the suit from Veronique Stylish Escape (2006).

I rounded out the back row with Gold Stroke Adele Makeda (2008) wearing Agnes Von Weiss's Festive Decadence (2009).

Second Row:

Fete Accompli Tatyana Alexandrova (2008) wearing her original ensemble.

High Drama Eugenia Frost (2007, edition size 180) wearing Criminally Chic Kyori's jacket (2007) with Sound Advice Veronique's skirt (2006).

Quicksilver Kyori Sato (2008) wearing Traveler By Nature Veronique's dress (2004)

Firefly Agnes Von Weiss (2008, edition size 300) wearing Riveting Premier Isha's dress (2005).

Front Row (These are four of my favorite IT dolls ever produced):

Paparazzi Bait Adele Makeda (2007) wearing Behind the Drama Agnes's gown (2008).

Shapeshifter Natalia Fatale (2008) wearing Dark Narcissus Kyori's dress (2007).

Fine Jewel Eugenia Perrin Frost (2008) wearing Business Class Anja's dress (2011)

The Royal Weiss Agnes Von Weiss (2007) wearing Adele Makeda's Main Attitude (2012) - Thank you to a kind reader for helping me realize I got Splendid and Main Attitude confused.

Back Row:

Dressing The Part Agnes Von Weiss (2006) Wearing Dressing The Part (2006) 

Glow Vanessa Perrin(2006) Wearing Glow (2006)


Sound Advice/Ondine Veronique Perrin (2006) Wearing Stylish Escape (2006)


Gold Stroke Adele Makeda (2008) Wearing Festive Decadence (2009)

Middle Row:   

Fete a Accompli Tatyana Alexandrova (2008) Wearing Fete A Accompli (2008)


High Drama Eugenia Perrin Frost (2007) Criminally Chic (2007)


Quick Silver Kyori Sato (2008) Wearing Traveler By Nature (2004)


Firefly Agnes Von Weiss (2008) Wearing Riveting Premier (2005)


Front Row:     

Paparazzi Bait Adele Makeda (2007) Wearing Behind The Drama (2008)


Shapeshifter Natalia Fatale (2008) Wearing Dark Narcissus (2007)


Fine Jewel Eugenia Perrin Frost (2008) Wearing  Business Class (2011)


The Royal Weiss Agnes Von Weiss  (2007)  Wearing Main Attitude (2012)

Agnes Von Weiss: 3

Vanessa Perrin: 1

Veronique Perrin: 1

Adele Makeda: 2

Tatyana Alexandrova: 1

Eugenia Frost: 2

Kyori Sato: 1

Natalia Fatale: 1