Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Change of Pace

I had written an entirely different blog entry, but then I opened a doll and got quite an unexpected surprise.

For many years, I only owned one FR Homme - the original Francisco with flocked hair.  A couple years ago, I found Rock Ringmaster Lukas Maverick on clearance at a dealer; my best dolly friend talked me into purchasing him.  He has been NRFB since he came to live here.

Last year I was considerably surprised by Beautiful Boy Auden from the Dynamite Girl line.  He wound up being in the top five dolls of the year for me.  However, he is still NRFB.  Then I got Cruz.  I ordered the Rock Wedding Romain and the NuFantasy Hansel.  I seem to have spiraled out of control with male dolls.  They have all remained NRFB.

Last week I found Silent Partner Romain Perrin on sale for 20% at GiGi's.   I believe that Integrity always does knitwear perfectly, and I had admired this doll's sweater.
I always thought he looked "odd".  I thought I would take the chance.  At worst, I would have a very nice outfit for my other fellas.  I had even considered making him a "reclusive librarian" who carried several books around with him in that fabulous manbag.
This is the type of attention to detail that Integrity Toys is so famous for.  No one could look at this and think it is anything less than top quality.

This is a closeup of Romain in the box.  He really doesn't do anything for me or my girls.  I decided it was time to take him out for a walk and put his hat on.
I combed his hair out a little.  As much I love the sweater, it being paired with the vest is just too much layering.  The hat being made from the same fabric as the vest is a very nice touch though!  (One complaint I have is that he did not come with socks.  What's up with that?  He is definitely going to have blistered feet.)
Oh, oh!  He is beginning to seriously grow on me.  Let's work with that hair a little.
It's just a tad unruly.  How about with the hat back on but without the bowtie and vest?
This is no librarian!  It was time to get out the hair gel.

Ouch!  This guy is HOT!  What a totally different homme than I expected from the boxed version.  I don't know what to say.  He definitely deserved the blog post this week.