Tuesday, June 25, 2019

#20 and #21 of 2019 - Sneaky, Sneaky IT

I pride myself in trying to focus my collecting over the last few years.  I only have one line of "tall" dolls in my collection now, Ellowyne Wilde.  I managed to adopt out all of my Tonner Sydney's/Tylers/etc, Genes, and 16" Integrity Toys (IT) girls.  I no longer have any Madame Alexander, Pullip, Tiny Kitty, or Vogue Ginny Dolls.   

In addition, I have found homes for almost all of my DG's and Color Infusion dolls.  That leaves:

Vintage and Modern Playline Barbie
Victoire/East 59th St
Poppy Parker 
Monogram (Retired line)

One of the best things about limiting the focus of my collection is that most of these can share wardrobes across lines to some extent.

In 2016, when IT introduced a new line, "The Industry", I refused to get onboard.  Wasn't going to happen.  No way.  Not for me.  I felt secure in my resolve.

Even when the Style Lab at the 2017 IT Convention "Fashion Fairytale" was announced with The Industry as the characters, I resisted.  Some attendees sold the fashions separately from the dolls.  I was able to grab up several of the fashions because it was advertised that the fashions could fit other IT lines.

Here is an example with Dark Romance Giselle wearing "Your Move" (even the boots fit!).
Cute, right?  There's nothing wrong with picking up some ensembles and accessories for the dolls that already live here.  

Here's where IT got a little sneaky.  They also included two Poppy Parker dolls in the Style Lab, using the same "The Industry" body.   There are a lot of Poppy Parker collectors who prefer their Poppy girls with straight ankles.  Some collectors even rebody their Poppy Parkers to get rid of that ankle joint body.  In 2017, IT introduced the Poppy Parker 1.5 body with no ankle joint, so collectors already had a similar body in their collections.  This was a segue for Poppy Parker collectors to combine dolls in the two lines.

Since I really liked the "Your Move" ensemble much more than I expected, I decided I wanted a couple more Style Lab ensembles.  Some collectors who sell Style Lab items combine a doll and a fashion into one auction.  That's how I got my first "The Industry" doll.  Unfortunately, it was the Tulabelle True doll with the FR Black skin tone.  It is only fitting that the theme was "Alice in Wonderland" because I fell down the rabbit hole.
Here she is wearing the NuFace Be Daring Imogen suit.  I actually adore this doll and have redressed her often.  She was my first "The Industry" doll.   I also wound up with four ensembles from the Fashion Fairytale Convention Style Lab.

I continued to resist The Industry mainline dolls.  I only had one The Industry doll, and I didn't "need" another.   Then IT did the unspeakable.  At the 2018 Luxe Life Convention, they introduced EIGHT new "The Industry" characters with EIGHT ensembles and two accessory packs at the Style Lab.  Not to mention they included a "build-a-doll" Poppy Parker using a cream skin tone for the first time!   

I was able to acquire seven of the ensembles at really good prices.  Unfortunately, this time, some of the shoes/boots only fit "The Industry" foot.  (But the good news is that the legs from The Industry can the changed out with the legs on NuFace2 and FR2 bodies!)   I added Hollis Hughes and "Pull Yourself Together" Poppy Parker to my collection.
I really like these trendy ensembles with their unique footwear and accessories.  They can often be picked up on secondary market for less that $75.   

The trouble started when I decided to look at previously released dressed dolls for their ensembles. Since collectors are strapped for cash to pay for convention registrations and airfare and are saving for hotel expenses and doll purchases there, you can pick up some good deals on secondary market.

I found a NRFB "You Better Werk!" Giftset from the Supermodel Convention at a great price.
#20 of 2019!
I also found a NRFB Lady Stardust Tulabelle True.
#21 of 2019.  I guess I officially have to add "The Industry" to my list of doll lines I collect now.