Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's Kiss And Make Up

Originally, I wasn't going to enter the lottery for this particular giftset.  A friend asked me to enter for her, but then decided she couldn't meet the payment deadline.  I decided, "If I win, so be it."  I kind of liked the cream suit and the mink, but had really spent too much on the preorder of other dolls from this collection.

I won and am so glad I entered.  It is quite an extravagant giftset.  There are three separate ensembles with hats, three pair of shoes with matching gloves, a bouquet of red roses (how appropriate for Valentine's Day!), stockings, a pair of pearl earrings, a "wicker" train case, an extra set of hands, and an unusual little "yorkie" dog.  Here is what it looks like as packaged (I took out the front accessory holder for the shoes and gloves, so you could see the more substantial pieces.)

I have wanted IT to produce a smaller doll with a more mature face-up for a long time.  I really love the Victoire line but do not care for the BOD body.  Victoire's face-up is also quite stylized.  I love my IT girls and became ecstatic when they previewed the Funny Face line.  Here we have a Poppy Parker body with a Vanessa 2.0 mold/face-up.  LOVE IT!
Here is a favorite photo of the cream runway suit.  I was hoping the jacket would have the pleating in the back like in the movie.  It has the top pleat and is pressed.  It's close to the look in the film.  The yorkie looks more like an Ewok to me than a dog.  It does not have a normal dog body.  It is shaped for the front legs to drape over her forearm like many toy dogs do when you carry them around.  This little pup is so ugly it's adorable; it definitely needs a day at the doggie spa.

Another collector mentioned that this doll reminded her of the character Mary Crawley from Downton Abby.  (I am obsessed with this TV series).  I think she is right.  That makes me love this doll even more!
One of the things that is important to me as a collector is the "sharing" possibilities of clothing between dolls. So, I am actually going to show the outfits on other dolls in my collection.  The flower shop dress that "Mary" is wearing actually fits the Victoire (BOD) body perfectly.  Here is St. Tropez wearing it.   
I actually believe it fits the BOD body better!
I am very happy with this redress.  Next, I put Glam Addict Giselle in the cream colored runway suit. 
The length looks good and the fit is very nice.  So it appears that NuFace/NuFantasy girls will be able to wear these clothing pieces as well.
The train ensemble is being worn by Incandescent Monogram.  I know there was some worry that the dolls wouldn't be able to share clothing between the giftsets, but as you can see the Monogram dolls wear these well also.
Here is a photo of the three ensembles on the different body types.
So what did Jo/Mary think about her three outfits being stolen? 
"I did manage to keep the best piece for myself, of course!"
Well, she is settling in here now.  I am so excited she's here.

But how will she look in some of the ensembles I have been wanting to use on a shorter bodied, mature face-up girl?  I had planned the next photo for Valentine's Day yesterday, but I came home with a migraine.   It's one day late, but what do you think?
I see A LOT of redress play in the future with this one!