Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Vacation - The Day After

Although I listed 60 different dolls this summer, I tried to focus my efforts just on those dolls that were FR.  Three dolls on FR2 bodies did sneak in unexpectantly.  Even with 60 days, I managed to leave out a few other dolls living here.  Doing this photo shoot was very time consuming and helped me in many ways:

  • I was able to make decisions about letting some dolls go
  • I was able to identify body problems and upgrade all dolls staying to the latest handspeak FR bodies
  • I found dolls whose face ups needed a "tweak" and they got sent off to the spa

Since I was working on doll bodies, I also took some time with my "hybrids".   A hybrid doll is when you take a doll from one manufacturer and put its head on the body from a different manufacturer.  In one of my earlier blogs, I mentioned that Integrity Toys didn't have enough ethnic variety in their releases.   In my personal collection, I have remedied that where possible.

A favorite of mine is Top Model Nikki.  Here she is wearing the Truly Madly Deeply Agnes ensemble from 2012.
She is a lovely doll and deserves a spot in my FR collection.  She is on a fully articulated Josephine Baker body.
Adele Makeda has so many skin tone variations - some quite subtle - that it is difficult to color match heads with bodies.   Last year I saw some 12" resin Jamieshow bodies for sale on e-bay.  I grabbed them up.  Although a little expensive, they were still cheaper than what FR2 bodies were selling for at the time.  I got three - two AA and one Caucasian.  I was thrilled that the dolls had a neck knob where you could slip the head on and off easily.  It allows me to switch off my dolls.  The bodies are strung, so the hands are not easily removable for dressing options.  Another favorite Mattel doll is my Lt. Uhura.  She had to be dressed in something appropriately futuristic, so I gave her Shake It Up Korinne's ensemble.
Insert obvious pun here - "Set phasers to stunning!"  The bodies are similar to the FR2 bodies but are a little shorter.  Their feet are smaller.   (If you are curious about the Jamieshow 12" body, I reviewed it last year.  Here is the link Jamieshow 12" Body Review - hope you enjoy it.)
Apparently Jamieshow produced different versions of the caucasian skin tone.  My FR dolls wouldn't work with this body!  I was so disappointed until I found out that my favorite Barbie Basic Collection 002 - No. 14 was a perfect match!  I have a whole story line for this doll (after all, who can call a doll "Barbie Basic Collection 002 - No. 14).   Her name is "Scout".   Her mother is an American Literature professor at the local college who has been praying with the Episcopalian priest, Father Tim, that Scout's rebellious phase will be short lived.

Scout is wearing a hodgepodge of clothing.  The dress is Ayumi's, the jacket is form Color Infusion, the hose is Mattel.   Scout is so gorgeous - it doesn't matter how she dresses.
The final doll I am going to spotlight is the most important doll in my collection.   Some of you may wonder the background story about my mascot doll, Chaundra, who appears in the upper right hand corner of my blog.   It was almost four years ago that I spent nine days in the hospital with my mother who was eventually diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.   She was released from the hospital and returned home to hospice care.   I always took Chaundra on my visits home.   Mama really liked Chaundra, often commenting that she looked like my Aunt Lou.   I hadn't made the connection, but she was right.  Aunt Lou was a favorite aunt from my childhood- always fun to be around and full of life.   After Mama passed, I started this blog to help cope with my loss.  Chaundra has always been in the upper right hand corner of my blog.   Chaundra is more special to me than I can write in words.  More than reminding me of Aunt Lou - she reminds me of the last weeks I had with Mama.

Chaundra was a Mattel Barbie Basic Model 08 from the Target Exclusive Red Collection  (Thank you Phyllis).  I put her on a Dynamite Girl body.  She has always been sassy and fun.   It was a very difficult decision to "upgrade" her to a different body.  I like the idea of being able to give her more clothing options, so she is now sporting a Jamieshow resin BJD body (as of this weekend).
I think she looks great.  I guess it was time for her to grow up a little and a time for me to move forward a little.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 1

I guess I misplanned my countdown a little.  School starts back for teachers on Tuesday which leaves three more days of summer vacation.  When I was making my plan, I knew that I was going to post each closeup to my flickr page.   On my Mac computer, my flickr page shows six dolls per line.  I figured 10 x 6 = 60.   If you want to see all 60 dolls in one place, here is the link:

The next doll was "in the wrong place at the wrong time".   I'll never forget the controversy.  Without warning, Integrity Toys announced that Vanessa Perrin had been refreshed into a new mold DURING THE WEBINAIR LAUNCH of a new collection.  No one had time to think about it.  No one had time to get over the information.  There in our faces was a new Vanessa Perrin, Dress Code Vanessa.
Many collectors till refuse to accept this mold as a Vanessa.  A new phrase was coined "Fauxnessa".    In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful red haired dolls released by IT and failed due to very unfortunate circumstances.   I stand by my belief that, had this doll been premiered as a new character, she would've been a big hit and still a hit today.  It just left an unpleasant taste in everyone's mouths for a poorly executed unveiling where IT under-estimated the allegiance of a group of collectors to their favorite mold.

I hadn't planned it ahead (I wish I could claim to have such perfect timing), but the last three dolls each represent a different mold version of Vanessa Perrin.  Even though she may not look like the character, Dress Code Vanessa Perrin is a beauty in her own right.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 2

I was afraid I was going to have to make it through my "Days of Summer" posts without being able to spotlight a "new" doll actually released during the 60 days.   I was holding my breath when this lovely creature showed up on my doorstep today.  She is Fashion Explorer Vanessa Perrin mold 3.0.   She was an "upgrade" offer to collectors who joined the W Club.  You paid a $30 deposit when you joined the club and then was billed for $100 + shipping when she was ready to ship.  Her COA states that there are 1000 in the edition.  Look at those gorgeous eyelashes!
Here is a photo of the accessories.  I love the purse and boots!  The jewelry is a set of simple silver bangle bracelets and a pair of simple silver round stud earrings.   I guess when you're being chased by an attacking ban of hyenas you don't want to be slowed down by your jewelry getting stuck on the underbrush!
I was disappointed in the quality of the sunglasses.  They don't have actual lenses.  Maybe so as not to attract the attention of hungry lions with the glare from the sun?  The sunglasses do photograph well though.
Here is a photo of her full length to show the outfit.   The blouse is made of a tan "suede" material.  I bet it would be very hot in the desert - she should've come with a little bottle of Secret roll-on anti-perspirant.  I was surprised the skirt was blue - I had thought it was tan or off-white.  It is actually a powder blue color.
From behind, you can see her gorgeous hair.  It is a long ponytail similar to Glam Addict Giselle's hair.  The other two dolls I've received this year, Montaigne Market Elise and Touch of Frost Eugenia, also have ponytails.  I bet it will look great taken down - as long as it is evenly rooted.  I can't wait to see someone's photos.   The "suede" blouse is cut higher in the front than in the back. The boots have zippers - thank goodness!  They are awesome!

I also took a photo of her without the "suede" blouse.   I love the little net t-shirt underneath.  It isn't terribly modest and I would hate to see the tan pattern when she gets home, but I prefer it.  (I remember when those net shirts were popular with boys in the 1970's - it was so funny when a guy got sun burned wearing one!)  You can see the skirt has a very nice brown belt.   I wish I could it to ride lower on her hips.   With some time and effort, I might get the effect I want.   (She is also wearing beige panties.)
As I look back over my list of 60 dolls this summer there are two glaring omissions for Fashion Royalty characters.   I don't have an Adele Makeda 1.0 (I'm going to have to remedy that - maybe with a OOAK by Jon Copeland some day), nor did I have a Vanessa Perrin 3.0 displayed.  I had very high hopes for Fashion Explorer Vanessa Perrin.  I know I've broken the rule that I wasn't going to include FR2 dolls, but I couldn't help myself.  After all, she serves the purpose of filling the void of a Vanessa 3.0 mold.   And besides that,  I do so love the smell of new dolls in the morning!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 3

IT Basic Edition refers to a re-vamped Integrity Toys line of dolls that has gotten a lot of interest in the past 12 months.  At the 2013 Integrity Convention, two dolls were released from this line.  Hard Metal Lilith could be purchased for $65 and is running upwards of $400 on the secondary market today.  Two lotteries were held in 2013-2014 for this line, and my dear husband was lucky enough to win the opportunity to purchase the next doll with his membership.  (We each got a membership in anticipation of attending the convention this year.)  I was so excited to get Second Skin Vanessa Perrin.  First, it was a mold 1.0 doll on a regular FR body.  Second, IT threw collectors a curve ball by making Vanessa a black doll.  Third, she only cost $75 and there were 300 in her edition size.

This is another doll that is difficult to capture on camera.   I love her raven, thick, curly hair.   (But I am trying to keep it managed by tying it back with a ribbon.)  Second Skin Vanessa Perrin is one of the most unique dolls in my collection, so I couldn't leave her out of my countdown!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 4

I remember receiving this doll.  It was in the summer of 2008.  It had been a long time since I had been so excited about a doll.  I tore her from her box and took her outside for photos.   Going Public Eugenia Frost was the doll that forever cemented my love relationship with Ms. Frost.   She was a W Club Exclusive and sold $120.  Her edition size was 1330 which is the largest edition size of any Fashion Royalty doll ever.   Even with this edition size, Going Public Eugenia Frost is rare to find on the secondary market and demands a premium price.

I dressed her in Adele Makeda's 2012 Main Attitude blouse and skirt.  Going Public Eugenia Frost has one of the most beautiful face-ups ever.  Her tan and golden mane aren't hurting the effect any.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 5

I've only been to one doll convention ever - the 2012 Integrity Tropicalia Convention in Orlando, FL.  When IT announced that they would be returning to Orlando this year, I was all set and ready to go.  This is one of those cases when life gets in the way.  My husband and I were visiting Abingdon, VA this past summer.  I wanted to show him one of my favorite places from where I grew up.  He fell in love with the town and surrounding mountains.   We are trying to save up some money to purchase land on which to build our retirement home!   It's very exciting, but it causes a tight budget!  Therefore, no 2014 Integrity Convention.

If I had to choose my favorite doll from the 2012 Convention, Main Event Adele Makeda is close to the very top.  She was released in an edition size of 425 and cost $125.

When I was redressing her, I started thinking about the song Lady Marmalade and Lil Kim.  Do you see it?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 6

In addition to Eugenia, Agnes, Vanessa 1.0, and Adele 2.0, the Kyori Sato 1.0 gets a lot of attention around here.  I remember when the next doll arrived.  Every now and then a doll comes along that gets you excited.   When she arrives, you tear her from the box.  You can't wait to get her in front of the camera.  That was my experience with Quicksilver Kyori Sato.
Unless she's never been redressed, I don't usually include a photo of a doll in her original ensemble; however, in this case, I wanted my readers to see her stock outfit.  Quicksilver Kyori Sato was a member of "The Glamorous Collection" in spring 2008.   "The Glamorous Collection" is my very favorite "Basic" collection ever released by Integrity Toys.  There were 1200 of each character from the mainline group and each cost only $80.  Even so, these dolls rarely come up on secondary market.  (The 5th doll, Onyx Veronique, was part of the 2008 Integrity Convention, was released in an edition size of only 300, and cost $150)  I own every one of these dolls.  They are amazing.
This style is completely contrary to what I collect, but I absolutely adore these dolls.  To me, they represent some of the finest screenings of Fashion Royalty dolls ever.  They are so much fun to redress!  Here is Quicksilver Kyori wearing one of my favorite Integrity ensembles - Silver Society from 2001-2002.
This doll just refuses to take a bad photo.  She looks good in everything.  Quicksilver Kyori is one of the very top dolls in my collection.