Saturday, February 18, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

When you've been collecting dolls for any length of time, you find yourself burned out from time to time.  I believe that Integrity's recent saturation of dolls may come back to haunt them.  Clothing pieces, face-ups, and hair styles are beginning to blend too much. 

As a passionate doll owner I'm often looking for the unique.  Something different.  Something that will add to my current collection.  After Christmas, I found the Star Dolls on sale for 50% at my local Walmart.  I got six of them and the three accessory sets.  There was a lot of interesting and unique pieces.  They definitely are not the run of the mill.

I purchased the Point of Departure Eugenia giftset from the last Integrity Convention.  Although the doll is very lovely, the clothing just didn't seem thought out.  Even though there hasn't been much love for the ensembles, something inside me told me to try those cigarette pants on a shorter doll. 

As you can see the pants are a perfect length on Poppy.  They are very well made and have many nice details, including pockets and even little buttons at the ankles.  (They'll also fit the earlier Dynamite Girls, Silkstones, and Misaki dolls.)  I paired the pants with a Star Girls top and BMR straw handbag.  I like to pretent that Poppy is out sightseeing in Europe somewhere.

I knew the Star Dolls shoes were rather gigantic, but I finally deboxed a Monster High Ghoulia to model them.  They are a great accessory for these dolls.

They significantly increased the footwear for Monster High girls.

This year I've passed on several dolls from Integrity Toys.  I had to think long and hard about the recent offering Glam Addict Giselle.

Does she look oddly familiar?  How about Silver Zinger (which I already own)?

Or maybe the Helper version of Head for Glamour (which I don't own because she reminded me Silver Zinger)?

And then there's the dress.  (These hose just don't work for me.)

Maybe the reverse of Business Class Anja (I don't own this either)?

Glam Addict is a mini giftset, with the stress on "mini".  There is only one outfit, but a lot of accessories.

 Does this hat look familiar?

Yes, I already own this doll, No Reservations Kyori.  She was my favorite doll from 2011.  Did they overproduce the hat?

The price for this "mini" giftset was rather steep.  But Giselle is a favored a character (and hasn't had her face changed yet!).  What was the decision-making detail.  Don't laugh!  The heel-less shoes.  Very modern and different.  If I decide I don't like the doll, I can always sell her on secondary market and still make a profit.  But I'm keeping those shoes!

(All of these photos are the property of Integrity Toys.  The photos were sent to W Club members in e-mails.)