Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I am NOT a Doll Hair Stylist

Sometimes you just have to admit your shortcomings.   One of my favorite dolls ever produced by Integrity Toys is the Blonde Ginza Kyori.  She was the first IT doll I spent more than retail to purchase.    I took hundreds of photos of her and she is my avatar on Google/flickr.

Unfortunately, IT has a little problem with consistency.  That is probably the truest of Ginza Kyori, Riveting Premiere Isha, and Runway Right Away Vanessa.  These dolls all have very long hair in big curls.  Sometimes the dolls have beautifully styled hair, but sometimes their hair looks like those worms that dry up on the sidewalk in the summer heat right after a hard rain.

When I got my Ginza Kyori, I was a little disappointed because my doll fell somewhere between the two.  Her hair wasn't awful, but it wasn't as perfect as some dolls that I've seen.  I took hundreds of photos.  Unfortunately, with redress and play, her hair got worse and worse.

One of my pet peeves with any doll is flyaway hair.  It drives me crazy.   I finally gave in and relaxed her hair.

She is still an attractive doll, but I missed those curls.  I missed them something terrible.   I redressed her a couple more times and then she stood on the shelf.  (I hate to admit it, but I when I started photographing her, it brought back all of my feelings of love for this doll!)

Recently, I saw a sales ad on The Doll Page for a version of Ginza with perfect hair.  I actually gulped when I saw the photo of her hair from behind.  It is gorgeous.  She was priced reasonably but was coming from Germany.  I didn't care.  I really wanted my "old Ginza back".    She arrived recently.
I put her on a tall body and am so happy to have my "original" Ginza back.  I foresee a lot of redress in her future!  But what about the first one?  Maybe I'll have twins.  It won't be the first set!