Saturday, April 4, 2015

Realities ...

So … the new ITBE dolls have arrived and photos are being posted.   It turns out Love Roulette Vanessa does indeed have a head that is a different color from her body.  The sad thing is that no one seems to be able to find a suitable body donor that actually does match her head.  That's too bad because she is a gorgeous doll IRL (In Real Life).

My Dark Side Anja arrived safely.
Unfortunately, her left iris is a little off screen. IT is sending me a replacement.  This happened to two of my dolls last year.  I hope it's not consistent throughout the year.

After seeing all of the posted photos, I was disappointed that I didn't win the lottery opportunity to purchase Entice Kesenia; she is striking.   The doll I was most surprised by was Buxom Veronique.  The promo photos of  Buxom Veronique were not nearly as good as the doll produced.  I regretted not entering for her and actually wound up purchasing her from my dealer.
I think she is going to look amazing with her sister, Second Skin Vanessa.
I decided I couldn't afford the secondary market prices on the other girls.  After my last post, I started watching Mister Dollface and E-bay for Red Strike Janay.  I found her at the original retail price of $75.  I couldn't believe my luck.
She is much better when photographed in natural light.
She is wonderful out of the box.
And even better redressed!
Last week I went through my collection and decided to sell my duplicates.  One of the dolls I let go was Paparazzi Bait Adele.  She is so beautiful.
I have another that has her hair brushed out and looks amazing.  Here she is wearing Glow Vanessa's gown.
I love this doll!

But I sort of miss the one I sold.  Oh … well ….