Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Build-A-Doll Giftsets"

I think one of IT's smartest ideas has been where attendees get the different portions of a giftset, leading up to the doll on the final night.  It builds excitement, gives members something to speculate about, discuss, and look forward to.

They only started this three years ago, and I was anxious to see the 2011 doll.  The other two dolls have been living here NRFB.  I purchased the 2011 doll and deboxed all three at the same time. 

The 2009 Giftset Doll was Power Game Natalia.  She is a caucasian skintone version of Natalia.   I know many collectors have not warmed up to this doll.  Here she is the way that I received her.

She came wearing a VERY nice set of lingerie with stockings and included a day outfit, a business suit, three pairs of earrings, a necklace, gloves, sunglasses, another set of hands, and two pair of shoes.

She has a spectacular shade of redhead I don't believe I've seen on a FR doll before.

Last year, the doll was Glamour to Go Agnes.   Agnes is my favorite character, so I was ecstatic to find out she was the doll. She came wearing panties and a bra and included a lingerie set with hose, a strange cocktail dress, ONE pair of shoes, a bracelet, ONE pair of earrings, another pair of hands, and that was about it.

Her faceup is remarkable.  I was afraid she would look too much like Dressing The Part, but I think they are very different.  There was a "helper" version of this doll in raven hair, but I think the blonde is prettier.

This year's doll was Point of Departure Eugenia.  Another great hit!!  She was wearing a coral colored bikini and came with a casual slacks outfit, a blue cocktail ensemble, a group of silver bracelets, ONE pair of earrings, THREE pair of shoes, a scarf, hose, coral colored sunglasses, another set of hands, and a sun hat!

I can't say how much I love this doll.  As you know from my last post, I had just deboxed Fine Jewel Eugenia.  This doll looks like her brunette sister!

Here is a photo of the dolls deboxed, wearing the outfits they came in.  Please look closely because I painstakingly balanced all of these dolls. No wires, thread, or stands were used.   They are standing independently.  I am very proud of that fact. 

Eugenia came with a matching pair of plastic coral shoes.  Natalia is wearing the black plastic shoes that came with her outfit which do double duty with her day dress.  They are outlined in light blue and have little light blue bows.   Agnes has on the only pair of shoes that came with her giftset which are exceptionally made shoes.  Even though they were the only shoes that came with this giftset, they are the best shoes out of all three giftsets.

I'm not sure what to think of the daywear ensembles.  Mainly because Agnes doesn't have one.  Her second outfit is lingerie with stockings in a similar color scheme to the bra and panties. In the photo, she has on the jewelry for the giftset which is large green jewel earrings and a green jeweled bracelet.  I'm not sure how the jewelry goes with the giftset.  Putting this lingerie on Agnes cost me several quarters in the "Swear Jar" as it is almost impossible to close the hooks and eyes.  (I added the shoes as the giftset shoes didn't look right.) 

Here is more of a closeup.  Eugenia's retro pale yellow pantsuit is exceptionally detailed.  There are pockets in the cigarette pants and little buttons at the ankles.  The blouse has cute embroidery.   Yellow plastic shoes came with this ensemble and Eugenia is wearing the jewelry that came with the giftset.  Natalia is wearing a powder blue skirt with matching blouse and little black belt.  She had earrings and a necklace specifically for this outfit.  I didn't include the necklace because it took away from the ensemble.

The last outfits are the cocktail outfits.   Eugenia has the most perfect fitting white bodysuit under her jacket.  The bubble skirt is cute and has a little bow at the waist but the fit is a little off.  The jacket is adorable and is carefully embroidered.  Overall, it is a lovely outfit and came with another pair of plastic shoes. 

Natalia is wearing an awesome suit that has a gorgeous black blouse with bow detail at the neck.  The fabric used for this ensemble is a little bulky, so the doll's arms do not hang naturally at the side.  BUT I STILL LOVE THIS OUFIT.  There was a very nice pair of shoes that came with this ensemble.  I don't understand the outfit for Agnes at all.  The color is fushia again.  The beading is wonderful, but the long panel hanging in the front is just disconcerting.  I pinned the panel up, so it looked more like a cocktail dress.   The shoes nor jewelry go with this outfit at all.

I guess if I were to rate these outfits, it would go something like this:

BESTS: Eugenia's bathing suit, Eugenia's yellow pantsuit (but I think it will look better on a different doll), Eugenia's white bodysuit, Agnes's shoes, Eugenia's jewelry, Natalia's business suit (which is probably my very favorite outfit from all three giftsets, even though it looks better without the jacket.  Eugenia's hat, coral sunglasses, and scarf.

PROBLEMS:  Nat's jacket, Eugenia's light blue cocktail number, Agnes's jewelry, garter set, and dress.

I think this year's Eugenia was the best all around giftset, although I believe if I were purchasing one of the giftset dolls nude it would have to be Agnes. 

Well ... I added one girl to my 2011 Collection and deboxed two more.