Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 35

The other doll I sent to the doll artist is a personal favorite around here.  She is basically my "Queen Bee".    She pretty much has the run of the place.  Unfortunately, she had a really bad eye as well.  This is The Royal Weiss Agnes Von Weiss.  She was part of the 2007 Integrity Toys Convention, was released in an edition size of 500, and sold after the convention for $150.
I really wanted to keep this doll as close to design as possible while fixing those eyes.  I teach elementary school, so I get enough of those "rolling eyes" at school.  I don't need to see them at home, too!  I was so excited to get this girl back.
She still looks like The Royal Weiss Agnes - only better.  She is wearing the ensemble from Traveler By Nature Veronique.  She usually wears whatever she wants around here.  She also refuses to admit she's had any work done.
But I have photos to prove it!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 36

After the initial 16 posts of unique Fashion Royalty characters, I gave myself the privilege of  spotlighting one FR2 doll, A Touch of Frost Eugenia Frost:  Touch of Frost Blog Entry

One of my followers mentioned in a comment that she appreciated OOAK dolls but liked how the doll artist made a minor enhancement/correction to Touch of Frost that maintained the integrity of the doll's original face up.  I prefer to keep my dolls as close to original design as possible.  I, too, appreciate the beautiful work done by artisans in the doll community and admire their work.

Since I started my Summer Vacation countdown, I've included dolls that have a special meaning to me: Platinum Jordan was a gift from my departed mother, my husband won the opportunity to purchase the table centerpiece Force of Nature Agnes at the only doll convention I've ever attended, and Ready to Dare Natalia was a gift from my dear doll friend Reese.  The spotlight doll in today's blog is my only OOAK doll, Ondine.
Ondine was Sound Advice Veronique Perrin from the 2006 Integrity Convention.  She was released in an edition size of 550 and was in a gift set that included a Kyori Sato and mix n match clothing.  The cost for the gift set was $140.

Ondine is special to me because I was a contestant in the Pink Parlor Next Top Doll Contest.  The doll I entered was a Paint In Black Colette that was named KiKi.  There was an article in Fashion Doll Quarterly about the contest and photos of all the contestants were included.  My photo of KiKi is the only photo of a doll I've ever had published in a magazine.  Although KiKi only made it to the top 8 dolls, I was chosen by the moderators as the winner of a OOAK repaint by Vin Trapini.  (I hope I haven't misspelled Vin's last name.  If I have, please let me know!)  Sound Advice Veronique Ondine is that doll.  Now that Pink Parlour has closed, Ondine is even more special to me.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 37

Now that we've seen all the characters (16) and all the mold revisions (8), it's time to move on to some of my favorite dolls.

On June 6, my blog focused on Follow the Line Kesenia.  I had dressed her for the current Integrity Toys theme "Urban Jungle".   The flickr site is busy right now with this theme as well.  I was included in a Tag Game on this and needed to prepare another photo.  I chose one of my very favorite dolls for this, Paparazzi Bait Adele Makeda.
When I really like a doll, I sometimes get a duplicate of her.  I have twins of Paparazzi Bait.  One with factory hair and this version whose hair I really like combed out.   Paparazzi Bait Adele was released in 2007 in an edition size of 1200 and only cost $80 retail.   She is wearing the coat to the 2013 Irresistible Dania and an artisan's skirt.
That mane of hair just seems to scream "Urban Jungle" to me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 38

This blog post should be about Vanessa Perrin 3.0, but I don't have one removed from the box.  I haven't bonded with this mold yet.   There were two produced in 2012 on the regular FR body and then Vanessa 3.0 moved on to the FR2 body in 2013.  I have high hopes for the W Club Upgrade doll, Fashion Explorer Vanessa Perrin, which hasn't been released yet.  (Photo property of Integrity Toys)
I guess it was only a matter of time for Kyori Sato to get "refreshed" also.   It happened in 2012.  Two versions were released that year with one additional release in 2013 as a W Club Exclusive.  There are only three editions of Kyori version 2.0 on the regular FR body.  The gift set from 2012, And Another Thing Kyori Sato, has been my favorite.  It was released in an edition size of 400 and sold for $150.  It was a mini gift set, coming with an evening gown, lingerie, and business suit.

And Another Thing Kyori is wearing one of my favorite Fashion Royalty ensembles, Style Renaissance Adele Makeda.  This is another instance where I prefer the original mold to the "refreshed" version.  Although a lovely doll, I still haven't warmed up to her.   Kyori Sato version 2.0 is now part of the FR2 mainline collection of eight "core" dolls.

So if you've stayed with me this long, we can reflect back on our history once more.  There are 16 separate Fashion Royalty characters.  Out of those sixteen, the following have been refreshed:

Adele: Version 2.0 and Version 3.0
Natalia: Version 1.5 and Version 2.0
Veronique: Version 2.0
Vanessa: Version 2.0 and Version 3.0
Kyori: Version 2.0
(Elise, Agnes, and Eugenia were added to these five characters to give us the "core" eight dolls of the Fashion Royalty collection.)

With the additional eight mold refreshes, collectors now have a total of 24 separate Fashion Royalty molds that could reside in one collection!  That's with only one version of each mold and does not include Poppy, NuFace, Hommes, DG, FR2, etc.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 39

This post represents the most controversial change in all of Integrity Toys (IT) history.  IT had warned collectors that Veronique was getting "refreshed" and held them in suspense for two years.   What collectors didn't know was that Vero's sister, Vanessa Perrin, was going "under the knife" as well.   Unlike her big sister, Vanessa did not disappear from sight - there were four versions of her released in 2009 (including one of the most sought after ever Luxe Life) and three versions in 2010.

When Vanessa version 2.0 was unveiled in 2011, you would have thought the Fashion Royalty world had come to an end!   There are some very passionate Vanessa Perrin collectors out there!  (You can count me as one!)   No matter how hard IT tried, no matter how beautiful the 2.0 versions were (and they were!), collectors refused to accept this refreshed character.  Our beloved Vanessa Perrin 2.0 had a closed mouth! How could they?!
I was surprised to find that I own all three released Vanessa 2.0 versions.  My favorite is Current Pursuits Vanessa Perrin.  She is from the Fashion Royalty mainline release in 2011.  There were 500 in her edition size and she retailed for $120.  She is wearing the ensemble from Business Class Anja of the 2011 Integrity Convention.
Had Vanessa Perrin version 2.0 been released as separate character, I think she would've been, and continue to be, one of the most popular Fashion Royalty molds.   It is so unfortunate that she was the center of such a controversy.  In my opinion, Current Pursuits Vanessa Perrin and her sister Dress Code are two of the most lovely dolls ever released by Integrity Toys.  I hope IT finds a way to bring back this mold and collectors embrace version 2.0 for its own beauty.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 40

I LOVED version 1.0 of Veronique Perrin pre-2006; however, in my opinion, Vero seemingly did not transfer well to the taller body.  I'm not sure why and don't understand how her facial screenings were so completely different from the earlier versions.  In my opinion, her sweet smile somehow changed to a scowl.  Onyx Veronique Perrin is the only post 2006 version of 1.0 living here with original screening (only because the "Glamorous Collection" is my favorite FR basic line ever and I have them all).

Like her arch enemy Natalia Fatale, age had crept up on Veronique Perrin and she had to go into seclusion for some "minor cosmetic surgery".  She disappeared from the lineup for two whole years 2009 and 2010 which seemed like a very long time to heal.   Veronique version 2.0 has been released eight times (five in 2011 and three in 2012) before moving on to the FR2 body in 2013.  Although I really like Veronique version 2.0, there is only one living here, Breaking the Mold Veronique Perrin.
Lately, it's been raining most evenings where I live.   I took advantage of the weather to step outside and get a photo of some of my favorite older FR clothing.   The raincoat and purse are from 2004 Life on The Runway (the details in this rain coat are AMAZING), the red boots are from sister 2004 Girl of the Moment Vero, and the slacks are from Pretty Calculated Erin of 2007.  One of the things I still love about the older FR body is that they can share skirts, shorts, and slacks with the NuFace and Monogram dolls which opens up more wardrobe options.

There is something elegant and tranquil about Breaking the Mold Veronique  She is simple but stunning.  Breaking the Mold Veronique Perrin was part of the mainline of dolls released in 2011. She retailed for $110 and there were 600 in the edition.  To me, she is one of the most under-rated dolls produced.  I am surprised she isn't on more grail lists.
Breaking the Mold Vero wanted to show off her cleavage, so Touch of Frost shared the red sweater from a couple blog entries ago.  I recently purchased the Girl of the Moment ensemble from Val on e-bay.  I think IT does knitwear best.  I would like to see more!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 41

It's hard to believe summer vacation is one third gone, but let's think positively - there's still two thirds left!

Go West Natalia Fatale (version 1.5) was the subject of the last blog entry; this entry will focus on version 2.0 of the Natalia character.    I only own two dolls in this mold.  One is Shapeshifter Natalia Fatale which is NRFB.  In my opinion, Shapeshifter is the best representation of mold 2.0.

The other version 2.0 was a gift from my best doll friend Reese.  It is a W Club Exclusive from 2012, Ready to Dare Natalia Fatale.  W Club members could purchase her for $145.
I put a blue background on this to showcase the beautiful Mattel dress from Grace Kelly Rear Window.  I've always thought Natalia version 2.0 very feline-like.  When IT produces this mold with the latina skin tone, I think Natalia looks Southern European.  Ready to Dare Natalia reminds me of Sophia Loren.
Gifts from friends never leave - there will always be room for dolls that remind me of the friends I've made as a collector.  Ready to Dare Natalia Fatale does just that!