Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 44

I started this series with the intention of spotlighting only Fashion Royalty dolls, but yesterday the mailperson brought me a very special package.   I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this box.  (By this,  I mean I was very excited about receiving it, not that the artist had them for any length of time.   The artisan actually only had them for a little over a week.  Incredibly fast turnaround.)

When I opened the package, my eyes filled with tears.   There were three "refreshed" faces ready to greet me!

If I had to list my favorite character molds they would be in this order:
1. Eugenia
2. Vanessa 1.0
3. Agnes
4. Adele 2.0
5. Elise
6. Dania

Earlier this spring I gave a quick review of the last doll offered to W Club Members last year, A Touch of Frost Eugenia Frost.  Here is the link: Touch of Frost Review

I had high expectations of this doll, especially after receiving After Tonight Eugenia Frost from the 2013 Integrity Convention.  Unfortunately, there was something off with her eye screening.  A doll friend and I were discussing it and thought it would be an easy fix.  I tried to photoshop a picture and put that in another blog entry:

So, I turned on the heating pad, removed her head, and she got mailed off for a little cosmetic eye fix.  I figured while I was doing that, I'd send two others who were in bad need of tweaking.  To help my readers understand the difference, I will include two photos.  The original followed by the enhanced version.

First, we have the original with the odd eye problem (to me she looks like she has a "sleepy" right eye):
And now, with the pupils brought down and enlarged a little,  drum roll please 
Another photo to show you a more direct look at the eyes:
So, this blog also spotlights the 9th Doll added to my collection in 2014.  With correction, she truly supports being a member of my favorite Fashion Royalty mold and the perfect doll for Summer Vacation Day 44.


Roville said...

Sheer perfection! Besides now having perfect eyes, I love that they are in the style of the factory screening. I do love OOAK artist work, but this doll didn't need that much changing. The artist did a fantastic job of keeping her looking true to herself, only with much improved eyes. Yes, indeed, her reveal was drum roll worthy.

toto said...

Noticed that weird right eye on several...