Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 43

If you've been following the blog since I started this summer countdown - bless your heart - I've spotlighted 16 distinct Fashion Royalty characters.  (Yesterday, I strayed into FR2 territory, but I will get back on track with today's entry.)

To further complicate matters with the 16 characters, many of them have had "refreshed" molds.  Starting with this blog post, I will be repeating the characters but focusing on their newer versions.

The first character to get cosmetic surgery was Adele Makeda.  Version 1.0 was only produced for a couple years (2001 - 2004).  Although I like the doll and have purchased several, I don't have one living here.  Version 2.0 was released in 2005 and was the subject of Day 55 - The Muse:

Day 55 - The Muse Adele Makeda

At the Integrity Convention of 2011, they unveiled version 3.0, Style Counsel Adele.  This doll is difficult for me to capture with my camera.  I wound up going outside.
I need to take a couple photography classes to become better at taking pictures.   It was my intention to spotlight all of my subjects against a neutral background to focus on their beauty.

But as you can see, Style Counsel Adele took better photos outside.
Style Counsel Adele had a great big "hair bump" - as did most dolls from this convention - which required some work to correct.  I think Style Counsel Adele is a lovely mold and probably the best representation of version 3.0; however, version 2.0 is still my favorite of all Adele molds.  Version 3.0 was released two more times (in 2012) before moving on to the FR2 body.

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