Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 48

Sometimes a follower will read my blog and it leads to questions.   A couple entries ago, I mentioned that I had purchased Follow the Line Kesenia for her body and ensemble, only to fall in love with the actual doll when she arrived.  I was asked what was so great about this particular ensemble, so I decided to showcase it on today's doll.

Integrity Toys has this habit of sometimes introducing a new character or mold as the featured doll at conventions.   I was surprised that I had already included three of these dolls so far in my count down:  Blue Blood Elise Jolie from 2009, Dress Me Luchia Z from 2007, and  Cosmetic Takeover Natalia Fatale from 2004.  This is the fourth such doll - Fete Acompli Tatyana Alexandrova from the 2008 Integrity Convention called "The Heist".  She was released in an edition size of 450 and was included in the convention registration fee of $325.
It's hard to tell from the photos, but those pencil pants are just perfection!  They even have little cuffs and belt loops.  They fit perfectly and are an excellent length.  (Unfortunately, like so many tailored skirts, pants, and shorts, these slacks do not fit the FR2 body.)  The blouse is a white chiffon material with a great bow.  The jacket is like a cropped tuxedo jacket.  There are little buttons on the sleeves and a satin lapel.  Cute little matching buttons on the jacket and pants.  LOVE IT!
Here is a closeup to try to provide a better look at the lapel and Tatyana's lovely face.
Tatyana was only released three additional times on the regular Fashion Royalty body (2008 FAO exclusive Paris J'Adore, 2010 IFDC The Red Queen, and 2012 IFDC Follow The Lines) before pairing her with Elise to be two of the first regular characters to move to the FR2 line.  I think there is something very elegant about Fete Acompli Tatyana Alexandrova and she holds a lovely spot in my collection.


olla123 said...

Nie dziwię się, że zajmuje ważne miejsce w Twojej kolekcji. To piękna lalka i pięknie wydana. Strój wspaniały a twarz dostojna! Cudowna!

The grandmommy said...

I would have never needed to ask that question. Fabulous!

Vanessa said...

This is my first time seeing this doll. I love a great pantsuit and this one looks perfect.