Saturday, October 6, 2018

Passion Week Elyse Jolie - #13 of 2018

I can be very skeptical when it comes to interpretations of designer dolls.  There are just so many factors that can go wrong - cut, fabric weight, pattern size, etc.   When the W Club design challenge winner was announced I was so excited because it was the design for which I voted.   When it came time to purchase, I was worried that the factory would never be able to get all those little details correct.

After almost two weeks delay (due to customs), Passion Week Elyse Jolie arrived today.
And here is a closeup in the box.
I literally was flipping out!  This is one of the best, head-to-toe, doll productions ever.   Love the eye colors and the deep crimson lips.  Love the pale complexion and hair color choice.   Love the slight side glancing gray eyes.   Adore the pale blonde eyebrows.

The little tan cropped bomber jacket with gold buttons is amazingly detailed in construction.  The wide gold belt with padlock detail is well made.   I am a huge fan of IT knitwear, so the mock turtleneck is wonderful to own.

I can't get over the rivets and ribbon threading in those pants.  AND they are done perfectly!!

I believe I set a new record in deboxing this doll.   I couldn't release her fast enough!   I dressed her so quickly I didn't even take time to photograph the accessories separately!!!  (There are chopsticks for the hair, a magnetic rhinestone pin for the jacket, a super cute modern over-sized handbag with tassels, NEW earring design, red gloved hands and glove sleeves, and a serpent bracelet!

I've never been a fan of neoprene fabric (I think that's what is used in the pants, boots, and gloves) because it can break down over time.  NOTE:  If you take this ensemble off and store it, DO NOT put it in a plastic baggy.  Apparently when neoprene comes in contact with plastic it reacts negatively.
My only criticism would be the boots - they are similar to those that came with the mini dresses at the Supermodel Convention.  Be patient and carefully work them onto the feet!  The good news is that she can stand on her own wearing these boots!

Her hair is styled in a long ponytail with two black holders (one at the top and one about halfway down.)  This doll is amazing!  I think she will be a future grail and I wish I had gotten another.  She is definitely doppelgänger worthy!
I usually like to remove the original ensemble and try something else on the doll to see how she redresses, but I love this so much!!  Redress pictures will have to come later.  I truly want to savor this ensemble and doll.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Modernist Eugenia Frost - 11.5 of 2018

In my last post, I noted that the eyes on my Modernist Eugenia were wonky ...
I contacted Patient Care at W Club and was told to take the doll apart and return the head attached to the breast plate.  That means deboxing, undressing, and taking the whole doll apart.  I am a teacher and we have started our new year, so I am very busy right now.  I haven't had a lot of time for my hobby over the last few weeks.

Fortunately, I printed out the "Damaged Product Replacement/Repair Form" that was sent by Patient Care.   I'm glad I did because there is now a disclaimer printed on the bottom:


Please note that this return is only authorized for 30 days from the date the RA number is issued!  Send your defection item(s) without delay.   If we do not receive your defective parts within 30 days, we will assume that replacement is no longer required, as replacement parts may no longer be available after that period.  (Normal resolution time is approximately 4 to 5 weeks.)

When did this happen?  What ever happened to the 1 year warranty?  If you purchase an IT product, you better check it out thoroughly!  

Last year I purchased a NuFace doll from an IT dealer 8 months after the doll was released.  She came with glue all over the iris of her eye.  I contacted Patient Care and was told that they no longer had a replacement head for her.  I contacted them within 30 days of receiving the doll directly from an IT dealer and it was within the one year warranty period.  Looks like they are cutting back.

... Since the doll no longer has a head or breastplate, I titled this post 11.5 of 2018.  Clever, right?

The most exciting part of receiving this doll was the new packaging.  In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and provide better travel packaging, IT has changed the whole design of the box!

First here is the box from outside.
I like it.  It's simple but still gives the buyer the sense of quality we've come to expect - the use of the rose gold foiling accent is a nice touch.  The box has returned to opening with a flap and now has a string to tie it shut (instead of the ribbons the older version of the flap box used).
Although, I am not opposed to this new design, it was very nice that you could fit the bottom part of the double box into the top and store the dolls in the box facing out into cabinet.  That option for display is no longer available.  You have to lift the doll and liner out of the box to do display the doll NRFB.
I am very appreciative of the vents and the desiccant packet being placed outside the doll compartment.  Kudos!  
The desiccant packets have been a grave concern for me since they first started using them.  They often came loose and bounced around during transit wrecking all kinds of havoc to eyelashes.

The doll stand now slides out from the the bottom behind the doll.  NO EXCESSIVE TAPE!  And the telescoping stand is now on the outside of the box where the desiccant packets are glued.  Another item you no longer have to worry about coming lose during transit and banging around inside the compartment where the doll resides.  GREAT PLANNING!
My only complaint is the Accessory Compartment.  I really prefer the older version where the box comes out so you can store your accessories together.  (This box is glued in place!  Which also makes it difficult to get to the additional accessories that are taped down behind the box.)   I love how the original accessory box slips into a sleeve which feels more luxurious and expensive.  I hate the tab - if there are a lot of accessories stored inside, it immediately flips open upon opening the box and everything spills out onto the floor (at least that's what happened with Eye Candy Rayna).  This is a major step backwards in my opinion which I hope will be remedied.
The boots' zippers are like butter!  One of the easiest pairs of boots to get on and off.   This purse if one of my favorite purses ever produced by IT.  The earrings are quite nice.   The sunglasses are "meh".  So, how does Modernist Eugenia look?
Yes, she is standing on her own - without the stand.  The dress reminds me of that stupid picture a couple years ago "What color do you see?"   I think it's light blue.
I remember how excited the W Club was to have the opportunity to create this doll through a polling process.  Unfortunately, in their excitement, members forgot to research the actual hair color and skin tone, choosing what they thought the combination looked like from a fellow member's mock up.  
Not sure if this one will remain in my collection.   I just need some redress time to see how she looks in other ensembles.  Which is going to have to wait "4 to 5 weeks".  

Also, I'm not a fan of the gray sclera on this version - probably because her face up is already shades of gray and her skin tone is so dark.  The fact that her irises are gray doesn't help matters.  There just doesn't seem to be "life" to this version.

NOTE:  A couple collectors have shared that the 1-Year Warranty period is still valid.  The 30 Days to send in your part is for "holding" a part for replacement.   If you go beyond the 30 Days, you have to submit another Patient Care request.