Saturday, May 25, 2024

Collecting Cycle 2024 - Poppy Palooza #12, #13, #14, and #15

No matter what is going on in the world, David Butry always seems to find a way to deliver Poppy Parker and her friends.  Even though I may not be a fan of all versions of this doll, I am not immune to her demure seduction.  My first Poppy, all the way back to 2009's year of launch, was Summer Magic .  I still have Summer Magic and she has a permanent place in my collection since she is the closest doll to a Mini-me ever created.

One of my very favorite doll lines is Integrity Toys Misaki.  They captured my heart way back in 2006.  Although some of these have come and gone, there are several of them that remain.  Three of the best versions of Misaki dolls are from a mod 2006 mini-collection.  Each had an edition size of only 300.  They are a treasured part of my doll collection, so you cannot imagine how excited I got about the 2023 Poppy Parker Neutral Code Collection!

These dolls made their way into collectors' hands earlier this year.  Although I've not released mine from their boxes yet (since I am still in the middle of boxing my collection for a move), I wanted to share production photos of these wonderful versions.

The first doll I was able to secure at retail price ($165) from a favored retail doll shop, The Doll Peddlar.  She was a "no-brainer" choice since David used the "Hold That Tiger" screening.  Hold That Tiger Poppy Parker is one of my Top 10 all-time favorites.  Here is the Integrity Toys promo photo:

And here is a production closeup in the box.  Just a very lovely pale blonde girl!

Collecting Cycle 2024 #12 is Integrity Toys Checkmates Poppy Parker.

The next doll was offered through a W Club lottery.  I was so excited to have my lottery number selected to purchase this mini-giftset at retail price ($165).  Here is the promo photo of Chain Reaction Ginger Gilroy.

And here is a production closeup in the box.  We don't get dolls with freckles often, so it is so much fun when one shows up!

Doesn't she remind you of 2006 Get Graphic Misaki?  They will look so great displayed together!  

Collecting Cycle 2024 #13 is Integrity Toys Chain Reaction Ginger Gilroy.

Unfortunately, my lottery number wasn't selected for the next doll, but I was able to acquire directly from a dealer at reasonable mark-up.  (I have an aversion to paying secondary market prices to collectors that scalp these dolls, so I always check online dealers first)  Here is Integrity Toys promo for Travel Togs Poppy Parker.

This doll's burgundy hair and ensemble are irresistible and she quickly climbed in price on the secondary market.  

She was so worth the extra cash I had to spend to add her to my collection.  Collecting Cycle 2024 #14 is Integrity Toys Travel Togs Poppy Parker.  

The last doll in this collection hadn't made her way into my collection when I started this blog entry.  Here is the Integrity Toys promo photo of Op Art Opening Jolie James.  

I didn't order this doll because she reminded me a great deal of Mattel's 2008 Pop Life Barbie (I still have this doll!).   Another personal concern is that the screening on Op Art Opening Jolie James lends itself to dolls looking like they are cross-eyed.

I have been watching secondary market for a great example at a good price, and finally found one at a small markup.  

Collecting Cycle 2024 #15 is Op Art Opening Jolie James.

This is a group of Poppy Parker girls that deserve to be kept together and displayed as a unit.  I am blessed to have been able to add the four of them to collection at a great price.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Collecting Cycle 2024 - Jamieshow/Owensu La Vacanza

Similar to Integrity Toys, Jamieshow/Owensu Muses dolls are premiered prior to production.  The actual number of items pre-ordered determines how many dolls and ensembles will be made.  There were three strong capsules previewed in 2023.  The first arrived to collectors in March and was called La Vacanza.  There were two new versions of previously released characters, Ginnie and Natalie.  There were also two additional females representing new molds/characters.  

This time around the dolls were packaged wearing spa ensembles.  Each doll came with a terry cloth robe, turban, cute little mules with bows, a pair of dangle earrings, and a pair of sunglasses. Also included was a Jamieshow stand, dressing paddles, a cleaning sponge, and a wig cap.  The retail cost of each doll was $475.

One these girls is actually the first Jamieshow/Owensu Muses doll to feature a mold with an open mouth.  Her name was Astrid.  Here are Jamieshow promo photos.

This doll falls into a younger looking category than most of the Muses dolls.  She looks fresh and more like an Integrity Toys NuFace character.  In addition to the four female dolls, there were twelve ensembles offered in the La Vacanza line.  Here is Astrid wearing the full Look 5 ($175).  I am showing it from behind so you can see how nice the attached bow is placed off-center.

And a closeup of this beautiful face!  She is wearing La Vacanza Wig Cap 2 in pink.  Collecting Cycle 2024, Number 9 is Jamieshow/Owensu Muses La Vacanza Astrid.

The shoes for Jamieshow Muses are a perfect fit for Integrity Toys Fashion Royalty and Nuface dolls.  Although many of the Jamieshow/Owensu ensembles will fit both Fashion Royalty and NuFace, the fit may be a bit snug on Fashion Royalty.  They are a perfect fit on NuFace.  This allows the dolls to share wardrobes.

The second new character mold is called Camille.  Here are her promo photos from Jamieshow.

Here Camille is wearing LaVacanza Look 1 - $200 (which is my very favorite ensemble from this collection and looks like it was based on a produced design by Chanel).  

A closeup.  The wig is La Vacanza wig cap 3 in platinum.  Collecting Cycle 2024, Number 10 is Jamieshow/Owensu Muses La Vacanza Camille.

This doll is probably one of my very favorite molds ever offered.  She is like a cross between Lauren Bacall and Michelle Pfeiffer.  However ... when La Vacanza was released I had just finished binge watching Emily in Paris.  I picked up on the fact that the La Vacanza line was based on European fashions and there was a female character named Camille and a male character named Gabriel.  Here is a photo of Camille Razat the actress who plays Camille in Emily in Paris.  Is there a resemblance?

NOW, I bet you are wondering about Garbriel, right?  Here is the promo photo of the male La Vacanza character Gabriel.

And a photo of actor Lucas Bravo who plays Gabriel in Emily in Paris.  Again, I believe there is a small resemblance.

Even though no other La Vacanza characters are listed by name, the second male character, Dusan, definitely reminds me of Lucien Laviscount who plays Alfie.  

And here are Jamieshow/Owensu's promo photos of Dusan.

When this dolls started showing up in post production photos, I was fortunate enough to get one in the "leftover" sale.  When the staff of Jamieshow places their order for a capsule, they "pad" the order a little. After all collectors have received their orders and any quality control issues have been handled, Jamieshow releases the "leftovers" for sale on their website.  That is a wonderful way for collectors to pick up something they missed in their preorder.  

Here is Dusan wearing Jamieshow/Owensu Look 13 (there were four looks for the guys included with this capsule - Look 13 retailed for $225).  This is such a modern look and is designed immaculately.

How about a closeup of that handsome guy?  Collecting Cycle 2024, Number 11 is Jamieshow/Owensu La Vacanza Dusan.

The Jamieshow/Owensu Muses "leftover sale" is still available on the website  Jamieshow/Owensu La Vacanza Leftover Sale.  Some of the dolls haven't sold out yet and a couple ensembles can be purchased as well.  These items go pretty quickly after collectors see post-production photos.  I have been sitting on my hands to keep from hitting the purchase button on Gabriel myself!