Sunday, March 18, 2018

Merveilleuse Agnes Von Weiss - 2018 - Doll 3

Some doll purchases are just a "no brainer".   One of the perks for joining the W Club is that members get a "Sneak Preview" of all lines before the general public.  These previews are often presented through a webinar by the design team, hosted by the W Club founder Carol Roth.  Following every preview, there is a special event doll offered to members only.

The 2017 theme for the FR2 doll line was "La Femme" and the event doll was Merveilleuse Agnes Von Weiss.   This doll was so well received that she has an edition size of 1225.  She was received in early 2018.

Here is a photo of Merveilleuse still in the box.
And a close-up.  Short blonde hair!  Very chic!  She has aqua colored eyes.  I believe this is the first time Agnes has been produced in the Caucasian skin tone.
Here is a photo of the accessories.  I like the new enamel necklace very much that came with the simple matching earrings and ring.  I really wish there had been a bracelet.    The color of the enameling matches her eyes!  She also comes with a cute animal print evening clutch, an extra pair of hands, shoes with very long ties.  (Photo property of Integrity Toys)
So, out of the box ...
And another close up.
Everyone is comparing this doll to Carolina Herrera which was her obvious inspiration (the designer Jessy Ayala has confirmed this as well).  I immediately thought of Grace Kelly when I opened the box and had to put her in Eugenia's Reigning Grace ensemble.  NOTE:  This blouse does not have hooks, velcro, buttons, anything.  I had to take the arms off the doll to remove the blouse.
I think Reigning Grace Eugenia just got voted off the island ...

Because I voluntarily joined the 52 Week Doll Diva Photo Challenge, I find myself deboxing my girls more.  This week's theme was St. Patrick's Day Green.  Now we head to Lana Turner territory ...

Merveilleuse Agnes has quickly moved up to my second favorite FR2 version of this mold (she's right up there with Queen of Everything from last year's convention).   Such a beautiful doll!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Maléfique Elyse Jolie - 2018 - Doll 2

Although this doll was purchased in 2017, I am just getting around to deboxing her.   (Because she was purchased and listed as a 2017 doll, she will not appear on my 2018 sidebar list.)

I purchased Malefique Elyse Jolie by accident; I put in a ridiculously low bid on her and, surprisingly, won!   One of the cheapest convention dolls I've ever purchased on secondary market.   Now that I've spent time with her, I'm not sure why she isn't more popular.  She's quite extraordinary in hand.

I think I bid on Malefique because I was feeling left out of the recent fervor over the Jason Wu 10th Anniversary Exclusive dolls.   The exclusives were grabbed up immediately at times earlier than the advertised release period - which isn't fair but happens often.  Many of the purchasers/scalpers bought them with the express purpose of making money on them which is something I detest.   So, I have sat this whole mess out.

Maléfique Elyse Jolie was the Convention Exclusive given to attendees at the banquet, the last night of the 2017 Integrity Toys Fairytale Convention.  She represents Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.
Here is a closeup.  Yes, she has purple streaks in her hair.  At first, I wasn't sure about this, but they aren't as obvious as I expected.
The accessories are one of the selling points for this doll.  The shoes are amazing!  They have red soles.  There is a tiny zipper in the back which means there are no ties nor buckles to fool with.  They weren't too difficult to put on either.  The jewelry is everything!  I love the enameling!
Here is a photo out of the box.
The dress is beautifully made.  How about with the veil?
Now, that's an evil queen if ever I've seen one!
I really am quite impressed with this doll.  One of the reasons that nudged me into deboxing Malefique was that I've been waiting to see if anyone would pair the shrug from Vanity & Glamour Nadja Rhymes with Malefique's dress.
Now, that is delicious!   I believe the shrug makes all the difference in the world.  I immediately see Scarlet O'Hara.   Just look at those green eyes.  I'm not sure how Rhett would've felt about the purple streaks in the hair, but I bet he wouldn't have given a damn.

I believe one of the reasons Malefique is not so popular is there has been some comparisons between Malefique and the 2013 Convention Elyse, Midnight Star.  Midnight Star has always been one of my favorite IT dolls ever produced.  Here is a photo of the two together.
It's hard to believe, but I think Malefique holds her own against Midnight Star.  Dare I say, I may even prefer Malefique's faceup.

Another comparison is with Malefique's gown to the gown of 2010 Convention Dark Romance Giselle Diefendorf.
The gowns may be similar but they are very different.  Dark Romance seems to have shirring and a beaded bodice.  There is also a very high split in the skirt.  Malefique has those petals similar to the shrug.  There is also "splotches" of netting between them to give added texture and interest.  Again, I can't believe it, but I prefer the Malefique gown.  (It doesn't hurt that it actually fits the FR2/Nuface2 body.)

I believe Malefique Elyse Jolie will climb in desirability when more collectors start deboxing and redressing her.  I think she is quite amazing.