Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lots of Potential ...

For some reason, it seems Integrity Toys' body skin tones all over the place right now.  In my last blog, I posted photos of Red Strike Janay.  When I purchased her, I was hoping she may prove to be a body donor for one of my favorite purchases from the Gloss Convention.  It's the closest match I've found so far, but it still isn't perfect.  

The doll I've been trying to find a body donor for is Oomph Ayumi.  She uses the original 1.0 sculpt which was only used a handful of times but is a favorite of mine.  I purchased two of her following the convention, directly from IT.   Here she is full length in her box.
It's really difficult to get over that dowdy dress!
But, this doll truly has tremendous potential.  She apparently is on Poppy Parker body.  It is extremely loose in the limbs, so I guess I will have to contact Patient Care for replacement.

I thought I would try some different outfits on her.  As I was doing so, she quickly got a name.  Getting a name is a big deal around here.  It means you're staying.  Let's meet Brooke wearing a casual sports outfit (the shorts are Poppy's, but the top is a Misaki pak item).
This looks really cut on!
This made me curious.  Let's try swimwear.
Maybe more elegant - something for "The Real Housewives of Integrity Toys".
How formal can we go?  How about the ensemble from "Take the Picture" Funny Face.
How about just knocking around the house, drawing the unwelcome attention of a creepy neighbor …
I am very impressed by the versatility of Oomph Ayumi.  She is a gorgeous doll who can carry off many looks.  Collectors just need to get past that ugly dress she is packaged wearing.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Realities ...

So … the new ITBE dolls have arrived and photos are being posted.   It turns out Love Roulette Vanessa does indeed have a head that is a different color from her body.  The sad thing is that no one seems to be able to find a suitable body donor that actually does match her head.  That's too bad because she is a gorgeous doll IRL (In Real Life).

My Dark Side Anja arrived safely.
Unfortunately, her left iris is a little off screen. IT is sending me a replacement.  This happened to two of my dolls last year.  I hope it's not consistent throughout the year.

After seeing all of the posted photos, I was disappointed that I didn't win the lottery opportunity to purchase Entice Kesenia; she is striking.   The doll I was most surprised by was Buxom Veronique.  The promo photos of  Buxom Veronique were not nearly as good as the doll produced.  I regretted not entering for her and actually wound up purchasing her from my dealer.
I think she is going to look amazing with her sister, Second Skin Vanessa.
I decided I couldn't afford the secondary market prices on the other girls.  After my last post, I started watching Mister Dollface and E-bay for Red Strike Janay.  I found her at the original retail price of $75.  I couldn't believe my luck.
She is much better when photographed in natural light.
She is wonderful out of the box.
And even better redressed!
Last week I went through my collection and decided to sell my duplicates.  One of the dolls I let go was Paparazzi Bait Adele.  She is so beautiful.
I have another that has her hair brushed out and looks amazing.  Here she is wearing Glow Vanessa's gown.
I love this doll!

But I sort of miss the one I sold.  Oh … well ….