Monday, January 16, 2017

... And The Beat Goes On

Prior to Thanksgiving, I contacted Integrity Toys with an issue on my Cover Girl Veronique from the convention collection.  Her eye makeup was messed up from the eyelash glue.  (Her left eyes looks "milky")   I sent the head to Canada and was told by customer service, a human Veronique, that she had a perfect head and would send it to me with the replaced Dominique torso that had staining.
You can imagine my surprise in December when the torso arrived without a Veronique head replacement.  I was told by human Veronique that the perfect head she told me she had, turned out to be flawed and that I would have to wait until one was shipped from Asia.  My poor Cover Girl is still sitting in her box without a head almost 60 days later ...

It seems that quality control continues to be an issue at IT.  As I mentioned in my entry for Defiant Rayna, IT changed the doll pre-production but didn't bother informing their collectors.   I paid for Love, Life, and Lace Agnes so she could ship with Defiant Rayna.   I was very excited about receiving Love, Life, and Lace Agnes so I could include her in my countdown.  Unfortunately, Agnes didn't make it to my countdown; it turns out her head is a couple shades lighter than her body.  It's as if the head is the old "Porcelain Skin Tone" and the body is some variance of cream.
There was a big ruckus from collectors and IT finally decided to redo the heads.  I'm not sure I like this idea because IT did the same thing with Flawless Elyse.  The replacement head wasn't nearly as nice as the original.  This caused me to reluctantly sell her on the secondary market.  I'm not sure what they didn't just redo the bodies - it seems to me that would be easier and require less production??

The first doll I received in 2017 was the Sister Moguls giftset.  They are gorgeous, but did you notice anything about how much they look alike?
This was odd since the promotional information described Giselle as "Japan Skin Tone" and Agnes as "Cream Skin Tone".  I was really looking forward to having a cream skin tone Agnes since I don't have one with blonde hair.  I already have Dressing the Part, Head for Glamour, Aristocratic, and October Issue in Japan.  Again, collectors were not notified that the production would be different.  IT has agreed to allow collectors to return this doll for full refund ... but I do love her so ....
I'm just not sure what to do ... I wrote a funny list of skin tones and posted it on Flickr.
Collectors have added:

12 - Don't be so picky, nothing in life is perfect
13 - Did you use flash?
14 - The color difference is only visible from certain angles
15 - Just buy a different body and see if it fits
16 - We are new to this - you can't expect us to match head and bodies after only 20 years in business
17 - The wrong new color will be the right one
18 - However in hand, the difference is just barely visible
19 - This is how this particular doll is made
20 - If you look at the doll in the dark, you won't see a difference
21 - We can't see a difference
22 - Real human beings are flawed, and it is a beautiful thing
23 - We reserve the right to change anything about the doll pre-production and not inform anyone.
24 - Your guess is as good as mine

I guess it's good that we can laugh about it.  The Sister Moguls giftset was $200 which is too much money to pay for something and not get what you thought you paid for.  Also, I don't like waiting months to receive replacements.  Unfortunately, when you're the only game in town, you can get away with these sorts of things.  I was hoping 2017 would be a better collecting year.  I am not as optimistic as I was.

Friday, January 6, 2017

#1 of 2016

I guess I just need to "cut to the chase".   There is no denying that 2016 belonged to one particular character/sculpt/line.   I have gone back and forth with this doll for years, but 2016 was definitely the year of Poppy Parker.

When the mainline was previewed "Poppy Goes to Paris", I figured I was safe.  There was something about each retail doll that I could use to talk myself out of purchasing it.  Either the ensemble was not to my liking, the hair looked off, the eye screening wasn't a favorite, etc. etc. etc.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  Yada, yada, yada.

I didn't even enter the lottery for the two I liked best ...

But when these dolls started showing up in collectors' hands and photographs appeared online - I was a goner.   2016's Poppy Parker line cost me big time!  (Unfortunately, I haven't released all of the dolls I got from this line from their boxes, so I apologize for some of the photos.)

I purchased Powder Puff and Miss Amour from the same collector who needed money to pay for an unexpected expense.  Here is the confection known as Powder Puff with those dreamy blue eyes!  This doll alone would be in the top five of my 2016 countdown!
And pink perfection Miss Amour, easily filling a top 10 position of 2016.
Naturally, I thought the poodle for Paris in Springtime was ridiculous, but I couldn't resist this gorgeous doll IRL with the Japan skin tone, black hair, and lavendar eyes.  Another countdown contender?
The minute I saw the first photo of Night At The Ballet (which I passed on because I hated the material used for the dress), I rushed over to a dealer and grabbed one up at retail.    Her hair and face up were so much better than the promo photos.
And even though the "platinum hair and red lips just aren't my taste", I got on the wait list for Ooh La La and got one at regular price.  What an exceptional beauty!
And the giftset is just amazing!  This is one of the best produced purchases I made in 2016.  Easily another member of the top 5 of 2016!
Then there was the Integrity Convention, and four more gorgeous Poppy girls showed up.  I just could not resist Just My Style.
But the Poppy Parker that was the cherry on my Sundae was one that I never expected to fall in love with.  I like to joke around that there isn't a dark-haired Poppy Parker that has been able to set up permanent residence at my home.  I have some beautiful redheads and knockout blondes, but I have never cared for the brunettes (yes, I even sold Bergdorf Goodman).  I think David Buttry took this as a personal challenge and decided to prove me wrong.  My favorite Poppy of 2016 is the one whose ensemble was originally my least favorite.  Here is Bonjour Mademoiselle in her box:
And a closeup.
The accessories.
How she looks out of the box.
Another closeup - I just love that fleur-de-lis pin!
My Number 1 Doll of 2016 is Poppy Parker and my Number 1 version is Bonjour Mademoiselle.  Had I not given the Number 1 spot to the sculpt, half of my top 10 spots would've been filled by the different versions of this doll.   Integrity Toys just got it so right this year - Poppy was a little more sophisticated and little more grown up.  She was total perfection!  Poppy Parker has never dominated my list or my year's collecting before, but I guess there is a first time for everything!