Saturday, December 6, 2014

Merry Christmas To All

This week I've been preparing my Christmas Cards to mail.  I always get melancholy doing this because it reminds me of family members and friends with whom I can no longer share this special holiday.   I miss my mother especially at this time of year.  She always found a way to make Christmas magical.

I was thinking that it would be nice if I could send all of my followers and readers a special card and realized there was no reason why I couldn't!

After photographing Disclosure Monogram for the Black & White picture challenge on Flickr, my love of my Monograms was rekindled, so I finally redressed the Workshop Monogram from the 2013 convention.  I think I was inspired by the Victoria Secret's television commercial that has been airing recently.

I just love this doll.  If Mrs. Claus looked like this, I could see why Santa would be so jolly and could race around the globe to return home!
I hope the next few weeks finds each of you in good health.  I hope your gifts include joy, peace, and happiness in your life.  After all, we are celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ebony and Ivory

I was recently nominated to participate in a Tag Game on flickr.  The game was 5 days of black and white photography.  I've never really done very much with black and white photography - as you can tell from my photography skills, I'm still learning how to take pictures in color!

I have recently been trying to keep the models used in my flickr photos from being duplicated which caused the Tag Game to be even more challenging.

When I think of Black and White photography, I tend to think of glamorous Hollywood actresses from the 1930's - 1960's.  This lead me to choose a mini-Gene for Day 1 of the challenge.  Here is a portrait shot of Mini Gene Red Venus.
As much as I liked the result, I knew it was time to pull out some diorama items.  Some of my personal favorite pieces are the Silkstone Vanity, dressing screen, dress form, and mirror.  I decided to go for a "pin up" girl and reached for Disclosure Monogram.   I have never redressed this doll.   I think she is just so gorgeous just the way she was produced.
I was very pleased with the results of the photo, especially the reflection of the dress form in the mirror.   Now, it was time to capture a more alluring doll.  My favorite dressing robe ever produced by IT is Urban Geisha Kyori.  After seeing the photos posted by a collector who put this doll on a NuFace body, mine has been on that type of body ever since.  Isn't the embroidery work on this robe amazing?  
As much as I liked the full length photo, I decided to go for something that shows the beauty of this doll's face up.  
I was beginning to feel a little relieved.  It turns out there are several dolls around here that haven't been highlighted on my Flickr account.  I decided it was time to put a more "full-figured" girl in front of the lens.  I had been thinking of selling Monaco Royale Vanessa, but she reminds me so much of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman's alter-ego.  I really hope IT decides to do more with the mold.
As a final choice, I had saved my favorite IT mold of all.  I was surprised to find that High Profile Eugenia hadn't been photographed in a very long time.  I think she was the best doll from the Tropicalia Convention, the only doll convention I've ever attended.   
As much I enjoyed this Tag Game, it was a lot of work.  And even though I really like the portrait of High Profile Eugenia in black and white, she looks better in color.
Don't you agree?

BTW … if anyone is interested in seeing my photos on Flickr, here is the link: