Friday, March 6, 2015

Flying Without A Net

There has been a lot of change in the fashion doll collecting community.  It seems that more and more individuals have left blogging to explore flickr, youtube, etc.  I miss Christine's Shuga-Shug blog.  I miss The Pink Parlor.  I sorely miss The Doll Page Show & Sell Site.

I often rely on internet media to help keep me current on upcoming releases.  I enjoy reading reviews and looking at photos of dolls.  Sometimes this helps me make a decision about a purchase.   The Doll Page Show & Sell Site was my safety net.  I knew that, should I purchase a doll that I couldn't bond with, I could list it there for sell.  I don't like using e-bay; there is very little protection to sellers.

So, I guess I am going to have to proceed with great caution.   I will have to be a better consumer during this year, making very careful choices.  Unfortunately, that may well cost me a doll here and there since IT products sell out rapidly.

In a previous blog entry I reviewed Sensuous Affair Giselle.  Unfortunately, my doll's head was bobbly.  IT sent me a new torso.  That's another change that is a little disconcerting.  Collectors are not going to get body replacements in the future.  They are going to get the body part that needs replacing.  It's supposed to be more cost effective for the seller.
This is a photo of the new NuFace body taken apart.  (NOTE:  Some have reported that the legs separate at the knee, but I couldn't get this doll to do that.)  The joints are fairly tight and it takes some concentrated effort to get everything taken apart or put back together.   Here it is put together next to the older generation body - thanks to Hard Metal Lilith for modeling for me.
As you can see there have been several changes.  The new version is quite similar to the FR2 body.  I think I prefer the bust plate on the new version better.   Personally, I don't like the pivot joint at the hip. Several collectors have glued that closed.  It tends to swivel out of place all the time.
I don't like that the hips are wider or the torso thicker.  Don't designers choose models with narrow hips on purpose?  I always considered the NuFace girls as the models for the FR fashion moguls.  The waist seems better placed on the revised NuFace than it does on the FR2 body.  From behind, I think I like the older NuFace body better.
I definitely prefer the legs and feet on the original body.   I'm not a fan of the added height or the longer limbs on the revised NuFace.   Although I think I prefer the revised NuFace body to the FR2 body, I'm not going to be changing out the bodies on all my girls any time soon.

These are just my personal opinions.  I have a decent sized number of older dolls and wardrobe pieces. I enjoy redressing my dolls and have too much time and money invested in my collection to try and switch everything over.

I'm not sure how my NuFace purchases will go in 2015.  I hate not having a safety net.