Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 45

I am now at the end of characters that have been produced on the FR body (not including Hollywood Royalty).  If you've been counting, we have a total of 16.  I want to have at least one version of each character in my collection.    As a review:

2001 - 2002 (Veronique Perrin, Adele Makeda)
2004 (Kyori Sato, Natalia Fatale, Vanessa Perrin)
2005 (Isha Narayna Kalpana)
2006 (Agnes Von Weiss)
2007 (Luchia Z, Eugenia Frost)
2008 (Tatyana Alexandrova)
2009 (Jordan, Dania Zarr, Elise Jolie)
2010 (Anja, Kesenia)
2011 (Korinne)

This is the second mold that is actually two characters!   In an earlier post, I shared Dress Me Luchia.  Luchia actually shares a mold with Isha Narayana Kalpana.  Luchia was the caucasian doll and Isha was the Indian counterpart.  Things got mixed up recently when Luchia was given a new mold and put on a FR2 body.  A caucasian doll using the original mold was released as an  Integrity Toys Basic Edition earlier this year and was called "Isha" since there is a new Luchia.  Therefore, future releases of this mold, regardless of skin tone, will be called Isha.   Confused yet?

My favorite Isha (not including the ITBE which should be Luchia) is Age of Opulence Isha.  This version has the jewel nose stud and the bindi.  Since my husband and I just returned from vacation, Isha  is just getting back from a vacation in Hawaii and is wearing the Dressmaker Details ensemble "Aloha Kalakoa".
Age of Opulence Isha is from 2005.  She was released in an edition size of 1000 and cost $119.   I believe this was the first doll I purchased directly from an Integrity dealer.  I like the diversity she adds to my collection.  She is the only Isha who resides here.  She has been put on the taller FR body (Rare Find Isha) and continues to hold a special place in the display cabinet.

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