Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 55

On Sunday we go to church, so I tried to put together a snazzy little "Sunday-go-to-meeting" ensemble for this entry.  I can see this doll singing from the choir!  She looks like she has a booming voice and can get the congregation on their feet!

I often purchase a doll because she brings something new to my collection.  The doll spotlighted today was originally part of the Jason Wu Event V (Integrity Convention of 2008).  She was limited to an edition size of 400 and cost $100 to Convention attendees and $150 to collectors when the leftover dolls were offered to the W Club following the convention.  I was very fortunate to purchase The Muse Adele Makeda as part of an Integrity "Warehouse Find" several years ago.  I got her for less than retail.   She is one of the most unusual dolls in my collection with her flocked hair and dark skin tone.  She is very difficult to capture in photographs.

She is wearing the blouse and skirt from 2009's Agnes Von Weiss Festive Decadence.

The Muse Adele is an exceptional representation of a doll of color.  I believe most doll companies struggle with getting black dolls' face ups correct.  When they get it right, it is very right.  The Muse Adele is very right.


Vanessa said...

This outfit is to die for! That color is perfect for her. This is perfect for strutting into church.

Terri Gold said...

Try using a darker background to photograph Adele. I don't know what type of camera you're using but you need to read the light off of her face and not the entire scene. The light background may be throwing your exposure off.

Roville said...

Gorgeous. I think your photo turned out well.

jSarie said...

Gorgeous doll, and that outfit is fabulous - it's such a brilliant shade of purple!

Shasha said...

You captured her eyes (and eye shadows) well in those photos. :)