Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 50

There is a funny story about this doll and it starts with a previous blog entry for Shake It Up Korinne.  Korinne was produced on a Victoire (Brides of Dracula/BOD) body.  The BOD bodies have shorter legs, a Monogram torso, and large torpedo boobs.   I don't mind this body on Victoire because that's part of her character; however, I don't like the body used for other molds.

Korinne's skintone is called "porcelain".   It is the palest complexion of all FR dolls and only a handful of dolls have been produced using it  The earliest Tatyana Alexandrova dolls and most Kesenia dolls can be found on porcelain bodies.

I had always wanted the ensemble from Follow the Line Kesenia (love those black pencil leg pants, white blouse, and crop jacket!), so I decided to purchase one to steal the body for Korinne and keep the ensemble.  Unfortunately when Follow the Line arrived, I fell in love with her!  Since Integrity is doing "Urban Jungle" as their theme this year, I tried to find something from the closet to fit this theme.
It turns out, Follow the Line wasn't donating her body to any doll, so I had to purchase a second one for Korinne's body.  Fortunately, I was able to sell the second head on Korinne's old BOD body for almost what I paid for the NRFB doll!   Follow the Line cost $129 retail and was released in an edition size of 300.  I think she is phenomenal.

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JessicaFaerie said...

Hey, I recently just started collecting dolls and found out about integrity toys which I think is just amazing heh. I wanted to ask when do the IT dolls usually go on retail?