Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 51

As I plan for my blog entries, I've been surprised by how many molds/characters I have of Fashion Royalty dolls.   I decided to focus only on Fashion Royalty characters, so there won't be NuFace, Hommes, Poppy Parker, or FR2 dolls.  The next doll is a "hybrid" in my collection.  (Although Anja is a Fashion Royalty character, this version of Anja was released on a NuFace body.  I switched her to the regular FR body.)  Celebrating the "little black dress/LBD" is The Entrepreneur Equation Carol Roth.
This is my favorite version of the Anja mold.  It was released in 2011 and collectors had to buy six copies of Carol Roth's book to get the doll!  It was an interesting marketing concept which pushed Carol's book right onto the bestseller list.  Although I've still not read the book - it's in the bookcase - I've celebrated this doll with several redress opportunities.  It's a reasonable likeness of Carol and is a great doll for my collection.


olla123 said...

Każda, pokazana lalka jest piękniejsza od poprzedniej! Cudowna, piękny makijaż i włosy!

Roville said...

That doll's face is gorgeous, so no wonder she pulls off a BB fashion.

Vanessa said...

Another beauty! I have to say this countdown is quite nerve wrecking. It's like I'm seeing summer disappear before my very eyes.