Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 54

It's Monday and most adults are off to work again.  Today's doll of choice is one of my favorite dolls with an "updo".   She a convention centerpiece doll from the Jason Wu Event VII, The Dark Romance Collection.  She only had an edition size of 150 and cost $150.  I purchased her nude shortly after the convention.  I am surprised this doll doesn't get more time before the camera.  Smoke Screen Dania Zarr is a big favorite around here.  She definitely looks good in her power suit.

This doll is one of the few that was released with airbrushed eyeshadow instead of the block screening that is most often seen.  Integrity Toys announced the cost of this process was prohibitive, so they discontinued it.
Smoke Screen Dania Zarr - I wouldn't want to come up against her in a board roor.


Brini said...

Thanks for sharing your dolls. I only own 2 FR and seeing all of yours is a treat.

KID, MD said...

Thanks so much for sharing your dolls this way! I'm really enjoying this series.

olla123 said...

Perfekcyjna w każdym calu! Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

Shasha said...

Teehee I'm following since Day 60.. Love this series, and to see your collection..