Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 52

Sometimes an ensemble photography experience just presents itself.  Since I am trying to choose different molds for as many consecutive days as possible, Agnes was getting pretty upset that she hadn't a turn yet in front of the camera.   I recently deboxed, undressed, and sent Glow Vanessa off to a doll artisan to have her "wonky" eye fixed.

I'm not much of a gown person.  Most of my dolls don't stand around in evening garb.  I prefer casual clothing or career ensembles.  Glow Vanessa was produced with one of the few evening gowns that I actually adore, and Force of Nature Agnes Von Weiss was the perfect model to put it on.
This was the table doll from the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Integrity Toys Tropicalia Convention in Orlando, FL.  My husband's number was drawn and we got to purchase her.   I believe there were only 200 in the edition size and she cost $150.  I remember how everyone entered the banquet room and thought she was Giselle.  Force of Nature is one of the youngest looking Agnes dolls ever and many believe she is off character.  Force of Nature Agnes will always be special to me and I believe she is one of the most under-rated dolls to date.

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