Sunday, May 18, 2014

Touch of Frost Eugenia - Part Deux

A good doll friend of mine and I were e-mailing about Touch of Frost Eugenia.  She explained to me that forward-glancing eyes could be a bit "finicky" to get right.  She wrote that the pupils had to be centered and needed to be the right size - bigger than what was done with Eugenia.

I took her description and tried to capture it with Photoshop.  Do you see a difference?  The eye opening itself was not changed at all.  I only adjusted the pupils and made a very minor correction to the right iris - widening it a little and making it less "rounded".  (I also took balanced the iris color a little).

This girl is being sent off for a spa "refresh" pronto.  I love this enhanced version of Eugenia.  Now we are talking!

What do you think?

My dear husband responded with, "Couldn't they figure that out in quality control?"  Maybe they should consider getting a camera and laptop with photoshop installed in the factory.   They took a picture of a doll right off assembly and blow the photo up to see if the screening was off.  Just a suggestion….

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Carrickters said...

I really like your Photoshop improved version. However, I doubt the company would do anything like that on the production line - it would cost too much money.