Monday, May 19, 2014

Integrity Toys - Spring 2014 Reveal - Poppy and Everything Else

W Club members got the special treat on Saturday, May 17, of being the first to see Integrity Toys Spring 2014 dolls.  We were not allowed to share this information until Monday, May 19, at 12:00 noon EST.  All photos are the property of Integrity Toys and used here, with permission, for informational purposes only.  I have nothing for sell.  You can contact an Integrity dealer to place your pre-orders.   If you don't have a dealer you can find one through this link:

The first dolls shown this year were the Tulabelle girls.  The storyline for this doll is that she is Poppy Parker's granddaughter.  She is a fashion blogger!   These dolls are 16 inches tall.  The clothing for this line is phenomenal.  Each doll retails for $140, will be released in late summer 2014, and were in an edition size of 300.

This season Tulabelle is taking off to Europe for Paris Fashion Week.
LeftFrench Kiss Middle: Touch of Grace Right: Player Slayer

IT often polls the viewers during the webinair, and Touch of Grace was the collector's favorite from this line.  That hair is just excellent!  I think her name may be a reference to Grace Adler of the television series Will and Grace.  She reminds me of that character!

I had to include a photo of the accessories that come with Player Slayer because the shoes are little works of art!
There was a fourth doll in this collection called Front Row.  The storyline for this outfit is that she is wearing a gold lame coat that is vintage that was given to her by her grandmother, Poppy Parker.  It's a lovely coat.
Last year I got sucked into this line.  I purchased two dolls - both below retail.  If these dolls go on sale, I'm sure I will be in trouble.  I don't have a lot of space for bigger dolls and have limited myself to only a handful.  If 16" was the focus of my collection, I would've purchased all four dolls.  I love the story line and the design of the collection.   Excellent job IT!  

Next we got "The Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y. "-  I hope IT has a contest for filling out this acronym.  I think it would be great fun!  I may even start a thread on this on the W Club.

Let's start with the actual Poppy dolls.  There were three Poppy Parker dolls plus one Chip.  All four dolls retail for $120.  The girls will be released in and edition size of 800, whereas there will be 100 less of Chip.
Left: Agent Lotta Danger Middle: Mayhem in Monte Carlo Right: Arm Candy
I see a lot of play value in this line, but it isn't "my thing".  Fortunately I was able to resist.  I do love the catsuit Lotta Danger is wearing.  Mayhem reminds me too much of Barefoot in the Park.

I loved how IT made the story lines connect this time around.  The fourth doll was Spy-A-Go-Go and the ensemble features the coat that was later given to Tulabelle!
Poppy sometimes needs a little help from her friends.  As accomplices, we have Agent Kimiko Gunn (left) and Agent Penelope Chase (right).  Your eyes are not deceiving you!  Kimiko is the older Ayumi mold and Penelope is Colette in a different skin tone.  EXCELLENT!
And what would a good spy story be without a counter-spy?  IT did not leave the storyline hanging.  How about Loni Lawrence as Sabina Havoc: Mistress of Disguise?  And what if we give her the improved QuickSwitch body with a separate head for when she poses as Poppy?  WHAT?  And if that wasn't enough - what if she has a male counterpart - her brother Sebastian Havoc - Brother in Arms.  And what if he was a blonde Francisco Leon?  STOP THE PRESSES!
I don't want to purchase the Loni Lawrence gift set but I NEED that Poppy head.  It is my favorite Poppy head EVER!  These dolls also retail for $120 and will be released in an edition size of 700.  All Poppy dolls are due for release this summer.

JEM fans got four new dolls.  As I have mentioned before, the JEM series came along after I graduated from college and had started my "grown up life".   I was too busy dating, clubbing, finding work, moving, etc. to get involved with JEM.  I know the followers are ecstatic, but I miss this one completely.  (Thank goodness for my budget!)  They are all due to be released in June.

Three of the dolls will be released in an edition size of 500.  Left: Video Montgomery ($119), Middle: Danse Dvorak gift set ($125 with two outfits), Right: Regine Cesaire ($119)
The fourth JEM doll was Clash Montgomery.  She is on the QuickSwitch system with three heads.  She will be released in an edition size of 750 and will retail for $125.

So the grand totals:
4 Tulabelle Dolls - $560
8 Poppy Parker Dolls - $960
4 Jem Dolls  - $490

How much did I, personally, spend:  $0.  However, I'm not sure how I'm going to fare on resisting the silver-haired Poppy head!


The grandmommy said...

OMG I wish clothes like that came in 1:12! Even though I have about a hundred Barbies, it would still hurt to put that kind of money out. They are basically thrift shop babes. lol

ghouliette said...

I wasn't able to get Poppy A Go-Go before it sold out (I don't have any Poppies yet), but I did pre-order the Tulabelle French Kissed. I agree with your reservations about 16" dolls, but i have two of the 2013 Tulabelles, and I find that I just can't resist her. I hope you are able to get that Sebina with the extra Poppy head!