Monday, May 19, 2014

Integrity Toys - Spring Reveal 2014 - Fashion Royalty

W Club members got the special treat on Saturday, May 17, of being the first to see Integrity Toys Spring 2014 dolls.  We were not allowed to share this information until Monday, May 19, at 12:00 noon EST.  All photos are the property of Integrity Toys and used here, with permission, for informational purposes only.  I have nothing for sell.  You can contact an Integrity dealer to place your pre-orders.   If you don't have a dealer you can find one through this link:

I decided to give one entire blog entry to the Fashion Royalty collection since that is the focus of my collecting.   The entire collection will be available in August/September.  Each doll retails for $135.  I believe the edition sizes reflect the popularity of the dolls.  Natalia and Eugenia will be released in an edition size of 800.   Elise, Veronique, and Kyori will be 700 each.  Adele, bless her heart, will be released in only 400 dolls.  Please know that these are my personal views in what I say.  Many may disagree with me, but that is why doll collecting is so much fun!

First up we have Elusive Creature Natalia Fatale.  
Oh yeah!  We can do some talking on this one.  The skirt, although similar to Fire Within Jordan's skirt, works quite well with this outfit.  LOVE the boots and handbag.  The hat is great.  I love the neutral color palette.  Although Natalia usually wears her hair this way, it continues to be effective.  COME TO MAMA!

The second doll is On the Rise Elise Jolie.  
Although I love Elise, I already have four dark-haired Elise dolls.  The dress is lovely and a great color, but I don't see it getting much time in my collection.  I do love the shoes though!  I am trying keep within budget, so this one was a reluctant pass.

Next up is City Prowl Eugenia Frost.

Anytime I hear the name Eugenia Frost, I know I'm a goner.  At first I told myself, "I already have Diamond Society Eugenia.  They look similar."  Then I rationalized, "I'll pick the outfit up on secondary market."   I finally just gave in and signed, "Resistance is futile!"  Already confirmed on her purchase at my dealer!  That leopard blouse will get worn out by the girls residing here!  I'm a little concerned by the eye makeup, but I know the closeup photos are always more extreme than how the doll looks in person.  Outstanding presentation head-to-toe!

The fourth doll was Faded Desert Kyori Sato.
As beautiful as this doll is, I believe her looks are too similar to Love the One.  I didn't want to get readers confused by including a photo of Love the One, but you can check it out at the reference page.  I hope to pick the entire ensemble up on secondary market though.  Passing on her may be my biggest regret of the Spring reveal.   When on the fence though, I tend to lean to the cautious side.

I totally freaked out at the next doll.  Here is Full Spectrum Veronique Perrin:
This doll had me at "thatched eyebrows".   It is rare for any doll manufacturer to release a short haired doll.  It is even rarer to get that short hair style to be effective.  I can't wait to get this doll in my hot little hands.  I love the dress and had to show the photo highlighting the cut out in the back.  I adore how the lip color is a perfect match to the shoes and dress.  

I thought we were finished at five dolls - but there was a sixth!  Here is Vivid Encounter Adele Makeda.
Again, I realize the diversity of our doll collecting community.  One of my very best doll friends loves this outfit.  I, on the other hand, don't understand it in the least.  I think it would have been much better as a jumpsuit paired with a baggy safari jacket and some tan suede boots and hat.  The dolls is just too much like the Convention doll from last year.  She was my only "easy pass".  I think IT needs to retire the word "Vivid" - it always translates to a hot mess.

So here is a photo of the six dolls together to get an idea of the collection:

It is a pretty cohesive collection.   I was very impressed.  I still struggle with the FR2 body, but I have enough extra bodies around here to make any changes I believe necessary.  Some dolls, at least to me, just look better on the older version body.

The event doll - available to all W Club members only - was a big hit.  No matter what's going on, Agnes always seems to get the center of attention.  This webinair was no exception.  I give you High Visibility Agnes Von Weiss.  This doll was a mini gift set and collectors get quite a bit of bang for the buck.

This doll has a beautiful face up which deserves a bigger photo.
Her cost was the same as the rest of the FR line - $135.  What a steal!  The edition size will be based on how many members actually order this doll.  My bet is that it will be well over 1000!

If you purchased the entire collection (including Agnes), you would wind up spending $945 (not including shipping).  Collecting FR dolls has gotten expensive!

I was conservate this time around.  My collection will only be increasing by four dolls:  Elusive Creature Natalia, City Prowl Eugenia, Full Spectrum Veronique, and High Visibility Agnes.

Did anyone survive unscathed?


toto said...

I didn't plan to get anything (have sooo much already), BUT I could not resist Elise, such a stunning beauty. Kyori was a big surprise for me, already got convention, but she has such a rare make up so I ordered her as well. I was on the verge of getting Natalia, but she looks too much like Brazen Beauty so she was a pass for me.
Still have to decide whether I should get Agnes or not. The plus is that she is redhead and her outfit, but the make up looks similar to the October Issue... can not decide :(

Vanessa said...

I always enjoy your overviews of the new collections. I wasn't compelled to order any, but I love Natalia and Kyori.