Saturday, May 24, 2014

Eighth Doll of 2014 - Montaigne Market Elise

Keeping a running list of changes to my collection has been a major improvement in my purchasing habits.   Anytime a new doll comes into my home, she is added to the list - regardless of whether or not she is removed from her box (helps provent me using the excuse "I forgot I had her ….").  If a new doll comes in that is removed from box before another doll, she is moved up in the list.  I have only added 11 dolls to my collection and it is almost halfway through the year!   I have sold 12, so I am in a good place.

I purchased the next doll in my collection nude to see what all the fuss was about.   Her secondary market price consistently runs about $500, so getting her nude was a good compromise for my finances.  She was an exclusive to the retail store Montaigne Market in France.  She was released in an edition size of 300 and cost 150 euros plus shipping.   Here is the stock photo of Montaigne Market Elise,  property of Integrity Toys.
Because most of the original Fashion Royalty clothing will not fit the FR2 body (many ensembles by  Mattel, Dressmaker Details, Randall Craig, and various artisans won't either), I am faced with the problem that I have few clothing and shoe options for these new FR2 dolls.  When Clear Lan advertised their most recent line, they included "FR2" as a new size.  I was elated.  Montaigne Market Elise did not remain nude long!
This girl does not take a bad photo!
Her face up is amazing.
Joining Elise to help model what I purchased is Renegade Dasha (another doll I purchased nude because I couldn't afford NRFB secondary market prices).
Here she is alone.
And a faceup!
In addition to the ensembles worn by Elise and Dasha, I had recently added a photo of October Issue Agnes wearing an older Clear Lan ensemble.  I will include it here.
I usually place an order with Clear Lan each time a new line is presented.  I just cannot resist them.  Here is a link to their site.  Have fun shopping!

Link to Clear Lan's Website

But I digress … which I often do … this entry was supposed to showcase Montaigne Market Elise, so how about one last closeup.  I think she's awesome.  So awesome, in fact, I didn't preorder the new Elise from the Spring 2014 FR line.  This is probably one of the very best uses of the Elise mold Integrity Toys has ever produced.  It will be near impossible to beat!


The grandmommy said...

The dolls are beautiful and their outfits are very befitting. I love them all!!

jSarie said...

The outfits and the dolls themselves are lovely, but it's the eyebrows on both of them are really exceptional. Gorgeous!

Roville said...

Have not been a fan of MM Elise but I am loving your redress and like what I see. Placed my first (hesitant) order for FR2 outfits with CL a week ago and am feeling very confident now. Loved your post.