Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The 60 Days of Summer

I decided I would enjoy my collection this summer.  As a teacher, we have an extended break over the summer, so I thought I might focus my blog on photos of a different doll each day.   Since, yesterday, was officially the first day of my summer vacation, this blog will highlight two dolls from my collection.  The first is a doll that keeps coming up for the "chopping block", but always squeaks off it (probably because she reminds me of Ann Margaret).  I don't particularly like blue eye shadow on a doll, but this girl pulls it off.  Her eyes are a very interesting hazel - light green outlined in brown.  they are forward glancing and there is no white underneath them.  She has some of the brightest red hair in my collection.
Shirred Not Shaken Vanessa Perrin was a centerpiece doll from the 2008 Integrity Toys Convention.   She was produced in a limited number of only 160 dolls.  A lottery was held at each table, and attendees who won the opportunity to purchase her paid $175.  She borrowed her ensemble from sister 2011 Dress Code Vanessa.  I don't usually take face forward photos, but I really wanted to share this doll's eyes.  I purchased this doll several years ago nude for a very reasonable price.

The next doll is probably one of the most beautiful dolls ever produced by Integrity Toys.  She is also from 2008.  Her edition size was 850 and she cost $159.  Even with the high edition size, this doll rarely comes available on secondary market; she's just that popular.  I recently purchased a newer handspeak body for this girl.  Here is Most Desired Eugenia Frost.

The ensemble is called "Art Noveau" and was created by Gwendolyn's Treasures.  It was gifted to me by a dear friend.

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